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    I guess this is pretty well known but I just picked it up from a Joe Satriani lesson.

    Study the entire fretboard note chart once. In case you don't have one, make one. Its importance cannot be stressed enough. So, what you are supposed to do is, keep your metronome initially at 60 and then play a note in all positions on a string. then move to the next string and play all the possible same note positions, and so on. If you are uncomfortable, reduce the tempo and try. Remember, don't miss a beat. If you do, repeat again from beginning. 5 minutes per day with 3 different notes is enough. I a week(or atmost a month) the fretboard becomes the back of your hand.

    e.g, if you want to play the 'E' note:


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  2. god_of_guitar

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    nice lesson dude.. reps for this... very helpfull for biggeners as well as advamced players
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    @yazi--> Greedy boi.Neo tempted and you started a thread:p:

    N e ways nice stuff.
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    Well, I do nothing all day except post here on IGT, I deserve it. :NoTalk:
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    BTW, busted my ass finding that lesson
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    Hehehe..I too followed suit:)
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    Hi Everyone,
    Its great that there is a site which helps us beginners learn how to play guitar. Fantastic keep up the effort.
    I have one question on the memorising notes you have mentioned to play the E-note and on the E string you mention to play 0-12, I understand the 0 which is open but for 12 do you mean play it on the 12th fret ?. If so what about the 19, 21 fret ?.
  8. yazi

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    By 12: I do mean 12th fret. The notation given here is called tabs. Take some time off to learn it.

    And I mentioned only those frets which are 'E' notes. The 19th fret is 'B' note and 21st fret is 'C#' note. Take a look here:
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    Yup that's a great have to know the fretboard..

    But the exercise is gets a lot better and effective if you say out loud the name of the note you played..(and even better if you say it in the tone of the note you played,this way the notes get fixed in your mind and helps you're singing skills..)
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    post more tutorials yazi!!!
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    Awesome technique! The easiest to understand and practice. Learning fretboard will be easy now!!
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    nice post man...
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    i read it today only.. gr8 job dude..
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    ...another method that i'd suggest, this is by viualising the notes as triangles, as below


    1st fret


    Now as you can see, three F notes are shown here, and visualize it as a triangle
    (by connecting the three $ signs)


    This one sorta builds from the previous triangle. The only difference is that instead
    of the F in the base E string the F note here is the one in the B string, 6th fret.

    -1st fret-----------------------------------6th fret



    Building this one from the last one,
    this is how it looks

    6th fret

    You can string-skip and play these notes indivudually,
    So it becomes a practise for String Skipping + Notes memorising :)
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    wow. thanks..
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    great amazing!

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