Mella mella tabs (remixed in sarvam!)

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    Mella Mella

    I too need tab for this song ppl, help..!!
  3. jebinson

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    Song: mella mella
    Film: vAzhkkai
    Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S

    mella mella ennai thottu
    s r g m p m g r

    mannan ? vElaiyE
    g r sn. s n. p.

    kAtrE Oh un pAttE
    n. s p. p. n. s

    Adu Oh vanthAdu
    n.s p. p. n. s

    nee tharAdhathA
    g r s n. sr

    nAn thodAdhathA
    g r s n. sr

    Ppl i got this but i'm not able understand this,
    Preethi ji convert this to tab n post

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    Was searching for the Sarvam Ilayaraja mix...found this it is... my first conversion...just check it out and tell me

    E --------1-3-1-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    B 1-3-4----------4-3-4-3-1---1--------------1----------1-----1----------1------4-3-1---1-3---------4-3-1---1-3------
    G ------------------------------3---3-0----3---0---0-3------3---0---0-3---------------3-------------------3----------
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    super gamma
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    thnx i have also been searching fr this in tamil may i know where did u get this tamil version please ???

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