Mehbooba - Sholay

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  1. Milindtab

    Milindtab New Member

    Hey Guys, This is my 1st attempt so plz dont mind any Mistakes

    Film - Sholay
    Song - Mehbooba
    Strumm only Downwards

    Mehbooba aa Mehbooba UUH UUH UUH

    Gulshan Me Gul Khiltey hey

    Jab sehra me miltey hey, Main aur tuuuuu

    Phool baharo se niklaa, Chand Sitaaron se Niklaa Bin doobaaa

    UHHHH Mehbooba aa Mehbooba.......

    Rest of the song goes on the same Lines.
    Plz lemme know if this is fine and if it needs any Correction.

    Waiting for responses
  2. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    cool good job. The sholay DVD i have has the song in Eb, though.. I suspect it might have been converted from VHS and the tape might have been slow :p:

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