mehaal hassn music?

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by infinite aaz, Mar 7, 2006.

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    i ve heard alot about this guy, something like an innovator, great guitar player, a great techer and so..............
    last night i watched his live session, in which i was amazed is he mekhaal, he had a folk style vocalyst a flute player few axe players in the background and he himself upfront but his guitar playing was not upfront, he uselessly disturbing the tremelo bars without getting a resonable impression and in the whole session i was amazed he was just using the first two string and the fret portion from 7 to 13 and frequently using the strings E and D, after listening the session i come to this conclusion that he is the orchestra player or somthing like the composer but still he was using the folk tunes, the thing which is somethiong of intrest that he was attempting to perform pinch harmonics but......anyways these were my observations may be he is good or something BIG but he is not very impressive:help:
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    its spelt "mekaal hasan". if ur going to talk about someone, please at least get their name right.
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    Hi. Dude it is clear that u dont know what ur talking about. Kindly get hold of his album "Sampooran" and listen to it. Go to his site and download some tracks from there tht r not on the album, like Pentagruel, Jhok Ranjhan, etc. Who gives a shit which strings he uses. U need notes, hez giving u notes. U need harmony, hez all about harmony. I have some videos of his jamming sessions, but they are too big to upload somewhere. And tremolo bar thing, yes he uses it excessively, but it doesnt sound bad. Plz try to notice tht he never gave a vibrato anywhere. Dont get ur ideas set based upon 1 piddling little video. I know him as a friend for well over a year, and still cant estimate his musical abilities completely.

    And that folk singer & flute thing, thts his style. He plays classical rock music. Listen to Jhok Ranjhan & u wont hate flute & guitar together anymore. Thts a bet!

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