Megadeth - Train of Consequences Cover

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  1. getshorty80

    getshorty80 New Member

    hey guys. i am back again with one other cover song. Megadeth's - Train of conquences.
    Please listen - i have done the 2 ryhthm part and the solo. I am no vocalist so please forgive me if i have ruined the whole song with my vocals. But i had to do it cause it was obvious that there was something missing.

    If u hate the vocals please ignore it and listen to the guitar parts alone and comment on it.

    hate the vocals my

    check it out mates.

    And get back with ur suggestions and corrections and whatever.

    looking forward to ur replies. here is the link

    or check under the band name getshorty in soundclick
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  2. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    coool work dude the voice was slightly low but i liked it overall
  3. getshorty80

    getshorty80 New Member

    thamks dude.Yeh i didnt want my vocals to ruin my guitarin(it was more important in this recording). Anyways thanks u for the comment.
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    You nailed teh tone spot on.
    What are you using for distortion?

    Good rhythm work
    Leads were not audible, dude, your lead tone should be different from rhythm tone. Add more mids to it.

    off bends @ 2:28 and 2:31

    Overall very good effort.
  5. getshorty80

    getshorty80 New Member

    @alpha thanks man And yeh i am still using the Zoom 505II. I got nothing else mate.Just tweeking it for all this long to get the Meg tone.Hmm Dont know tried my best to differentiate the tones.Anyway's bends yeh i need to work on it i have still got the ryt track seperate will try and fix the bends later.
  6. jackdaws

    jackdaws New Member

    the rhythm work is superb dude...nice control...the solo was nice too except for a few bends which i think has already been pointed out...but reps for ur rhythm dude...nice work indeed....u should try Acid Rain from LTE
  7. getshorty80

    getshorty80 New Member

    @jackdaws - hey man thanks, nice to know u liked it. Always loved Megadeth.
    yes i know i got some hickups on the solo bends. I did a better job while practicing lol. but since on the whole it was ok i felt i should keep it. will try to keep tight next time. thanks for ur comments.
  8. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    Wow.......I haven't heard it yet but makes me want to listen to you. Cant wait.....I am on a stupid Unix machine......So have to get back to home to lisen to yours........
  9. getshorty80

    getshorty80 New Member

    thank u all. wating to more from u people!
  10. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    WOW........Your Rhythm Guitar playing is amazing.....I couldn't differentiate whether it was Dave Mustaine or you....The fillers between the Rhythm had the spot on Marty Friedman tone. The Rhythm tone was also mind blowing.

    You started the solo really cool but didn't carry it on well. When I heard your Rhythm playing I expected much more like I expected you to nail Marty Friedman. The expectations grow when such a Rhythm is played. Solo tone is crappy. Work on it. Bends are kappoot. Work on these.

    I heard all your tracks.....In Estranged, again the bends and vibratos are bad...Otherwise it would have been a killer.

    And where do you get those backing tracks. It's cool.
  11. getshorty80

    getshorty80 New Member

    hey Ronnie thanks a lot man. that was really helpful. and yes i will improve always learning man. i am goin strong for solo these days learning to tell u the truth i am no good in scales and i am a say average on the solo guitarin so learner still.

    And the backing tracks are all from the Guitar Pro files. i get the file and try it out. i use it only as backing tracks i think they are really good mate.

    And the tone in the solo is crap cause i am still working on it. Zoom 505 II yeh man its easy to tweek but really hard to nail a tone. Ans i dont even have an amp for doing all these stuff. So next time will try and do a better job.

    Thanks a lot that was much help.
  12. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    I'd still say...Forget nailing any tone....That's secondary....Just sit down and work only on String Bending and Vibratos for next few weeks....Actually these are pretty difficult techniques......For bending......put on the tuner in you 505 and then fret a note like A and then bend the note without looking at the tuner...Try 1 fret bend, 2 frets bend and 3 frets bend. Look at the tuner to verify if your bends are correct....Once you get a hold of it, you dont need the tuner after some time....

  13. getshorty80

    getshorty80 New Member

    thats really good advice will try and practice my bends from now on and will learn the fretborad too (lol i know still not sure abt it).Will try and work out my problem. thanks a lot ronnie.

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