Megadeth - This Was My Life

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    This Was My Life

    It was just another day
    It was just another fight
    It was words strung into sentences
    It was doomed to not be right

    There is something wrong with me
    There is something wrong with you
    There is nothing left of us
    There is one thing I can do


    Lying on your bed,
    Examining my head
    This is the part of me that hates
    Paybacks are a bitch
    I throw the switch
    Somewhere an electric chair awaits
    Hey! This was my life
    Hey! This was my fate

    This was the wrong thing to do
    This was the wrong one to be doing
    This was the road to destiny
    This was the road to my ruin

    Now there's motives for the suspect
    Now there's nothing left to say
    Now there's method to the madness
    Now there's society to pay


    In our life there's if
    In our beliefs there's lie
    In our business there's sin
    In our bodies there's die

    This was my life
    This was my fate

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