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  1. monica_decosta

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    we both wanted to kill it
    she for some ritual
    and i for her
    so one day we decided
    we took him for a walk
    on a very high building, all the way she will talk
    and i will have to push hard from the cliff
    so that theirs no need for a but or an if

    we did it and part as soon as he was gone
    rushed in our lives, things went onn

    little kid he could never understand
    his demands were crazy, he was out of our hand
    a napolean in rags, dove in disguise
    wanted everything without paying the price

    cupid of desire favored by fate
    he some how survived that I learnt late
    before he made us meet again where the roads crossed
    where it usually ends & where it all starts

    that silence that we lived, what good has it done?
    has it made us happy was it fun?

    i give a hand he takes it.. its like we will be friends
    he's noting without me i'm lesser a man... we will walk like this till the end

    ".. you must understand she trusted me, specially this aspect
    ..friendship is a divine relation, and it starts with deep respect ..."
  2. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    very different and imaginative.. nice!
  3. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member


    i guess not many cud understand it :(
  4. moheet007

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    killing the cupid! damn that's evil! :p
    great job on the words though... i'm not much of a metaphor kind of poet, but from what i can understand, you've done a good job equating the little kid(cupid) with love. i guess its about how two people decided to end the relationship becoz it was too demanding, but it survived inspite of it all... nicely done! :)
    i couldn't understand the last para and the words in quotes though...
  5. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    thanks !!
    i cant help but see the relationship as a different individual with a nature of its own ..people have thier own will and relationships have thier own mood .. and all 3 expect !!!

    the last line is a dialogue between the man and "kid personalized as relationship" .. and the man tells the kid...
  6. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    :( u ppl must read a poem like a poem

    > we took the kid to high building .. i oculd have drowned him ..stabbed him .. but we choose to took it high very high.. its to give a feel that nothing else was left in it console that we did everything !!
    > Expectations in a relationship will never die .. that makes them chaotic increasing the randomess thus favoured by nature (everything that creates randomness is favoured by nature ..para 4)
    > I also observed that the aftereffect / outcome of a relationship mostly goes with either the boy or the girl .... and will have to live with one ..cause its just these 2 people who know who he is !! ( 2nd last para)

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