Mazhai varum arikuri -Veppam

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  1. roentgen

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    I've just posted the intro notes and chords.
    Some chords are not simple. Please google to see how they are played.
    The same chords are repeated for pallavi. Will post charanam later.


  2. deimos

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    nice work dude thanks. please do post the chords along with lyrics :)
  3. rajeshguitar

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    Thanks a lot for the response.
    Eager to see the complete post.
    Thanks again,
  4. roentgen

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    Quite tricky chords throughout for this song, but at least there are no fast chord changes.
    Am7b5 is basically Cm with an A bass note, Cm7b5 is an Ebm with C as bass.
    EbM7 is a Gm with Eb as bass note.


    (Bb)Mazhai varum arikuri, en (Gm9)vizhigalil theriyuthae
    (F)Manam indru nanaiyuthae, ithu enna (EbM7)kaadhala saadha(Cm)la?
    (Bb)Pazhaigiya kaalangal, en (Gm9)paarvaiyil viriyuthae
    (F)Paadhaigal naluvuthae, ithu (Cm7b5)yaeno yaeno?
    (Bb)Un thoalil saayumbodhu (Gm9)urchaagam kollum kangal
    (F)Nee engae engae indru unnai (Bb)thedi thedi paarkira(EbM7)thu!
    (Bb)Unnodu pogum bodhu (Gm7)poo pookum saalaiyaavum
    (F)Nee engae endru ennai (Cm7)kaeta pinbu vaadididuthae!

    (Bb)Ariyaadha vayadhil vidhaithathu (Am7b5)ooohhhh
    (Gm7)Athuvaagavae thaanai valarnthathu.. (Am7b5)ooohhhh
    (Bb)Pudhidhaai oru poovum pookaiyil... (Am7b5)ooohhhh
    (Gm7)Ada yaaradhai yaaradhai parithatho... (Am7b5)ooohhh
    Un (Cm7)kaal thadam sendra vazhi (Gm7)paarthu naanum vandhaenae
    Athu (G#)padhiyil tholaintha(F)daa!

    Rajesh :music:
  5. rajeshguitar

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    Thank you so much, Rajesh.

    Can you please clarify if on this line

    (Bb)Mazhai varum arikuri, en (Gm9)vizhigalil theriyuthae

    Is it Gm9 or Gm7? I felt Gm7 sounded better

    I am completely amazed at your ability to identify these difficult 7th, diminished chords.

  6. deimos

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    Hi Rajesh;
    try playing with capo in the first fret u can shift the chords easily i think and also i have tried the simplest version of the same song (with basic chords) which sounds good for me will try to post after completing the song
  7. deimos

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    Can Anyone post the intro riff in tab format
  8. vicksby

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    Mazhai Varum Intro Lead - Tabs

    Please see the image for Tabs


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