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    The days are so long
    But the nights are even longer
    I try so hard to fight it
    But they only come back stronger

    Searching for that key
    They say will set me free
    But they never told me
    Its only inside me

    So I lay here in the dark
    Waiting for that spark
    To come take me away
    To a place where its all okay

    And I try to hold on
    To the things that I know
    But they whisper in my ear
    telling me to let it go

    I don’t know who I am
    What purpose have they brought me here
    What am I doing to myself
    Time for another vacation somewhere else

    Maybe this time it will be somewhere warm and sunny
    where the people wont look and act so funny
    Maybe this time ill get to stay
    Maybe this time… they wont take me away
  2. I loved each stanza ...

    this one question "y am i here ?" is like my shadow !!

    very nice poem

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