Mayank-Nupur Tune TABS Mile Jab hum tum

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  1. dhvanisoni

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    Mayank-Nupur Tune TABS Mile Jab hum tum AUDIO posted

    Hello, I m Dhvani and am new to this site....and I have been learning guitar for a few months now... and I like playing tabs more than chords for some reason....anyway can someone help me by providing Mile jab hum tum Mayank nupur is the video tht has the tune... tune starts at 5:58

    Here is the recorded audio
  2. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    the video is not yet available there ??
  3. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    its much better u record that specific tune then ask for tabs .
  4. mehul_ghl@

    mehul_ghl@ New Member


    i have that MJHT tune not that mayur nupur tune

    u want that????

    and r u from ahmedabad?
  5. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    its better u submit and give link instead of askin dude
  6. manan.jadhav

    manan.jadhav New Member

    i want that MJHT tune not that mayur nupur tune

    u have that????
  7. dhvanisoni

    dhvanisoni New Member

    I found the theme song tabs a while ago in some thread...they might not sound accurate...but was something like..

    Hulchul ho dil mein, Miley Jab hum tum
    E- 0------7----5-5----------7-8--8-5--7-5-7-5

    I love mayank-mupur tune a sounds so wanted to try that on my guitar...but I am not that great at tabbing song yet...
  8. dhvanisoni

    dhvanisoni New Member

    No, I am from Canada. Though a lot of my relatives live in Ahmedabad...infact, I bought my guitar from Ahmd in dec when I visited India
  9. mehul_ghl@

    mehul_ghl@ New Member

    tune : - mile jab hum tun

    miley jab hum tum tune :::::-----













    i think correction needed in last note
  10. Rajrocks

    Rajrocks The Cool-Headed Mod

    Hey Dhvani,

    I have tabbed the Mayank Nupur melody in parts...As you can clearly hear ...there are two major instruments played...(rather more than that)...a guitar with a contant riff and then a piano riff which is beautiful....

    Guitar riff goes like this throught the song...



    and the piano riff is as follows

    E-----10--10--10--10---8h10--10-10---8-8--10--10--10---12--12--13--10--10----- x 2


    Play it twice....its the same tab but different plucking pattern...

    And then the next part is




    I will post this entire melody after recording...nJOY!!!!

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