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  1. deepakatreya

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    hi ppl,
    i am back after a brief hiatus....let me know wat u ppl think......

    may be............

    some are just not made for love,
    that is the way it was then;
    and that is the way it is now
    oh my love,do you know,
    what it is to be such,like me.

    I may cry ,
    over my heart so dry;
    and i may pine
    over a sun that would never shine;
    yet , i think if only you were mine.

    and yes like a fool i always do think,
    may be this time the rain,
    would wash away all my pain;
    but alas , only my heart it would shrink

    and as i walk down this lonely way
    all the roads they do say,
    some are just not made for it
    but sometimes i do wonder'
    far beyond this yonder,
    there is your love where i may fit,
    though i know i am not made for it.
  2. agni

    agni New Member

    amazing one this is...yeh dil maange more!
  3. slamdunk

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    deepak,,,, good one.. macha... but plz.. send this to whoever this refers..... i think this would touch to any human... :think:
  4. deepakatreya

    deepakatreya New Member

    thanks a lot ppl

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