1. vikas.kulkarni@

    vikas.kulkarni@ New Member

    Here is one of the most beautiful but difficult songs which I should not have tried singing. Since the chords were easy to play I tried to put an effort in singing, as well as playing guitar. Do evaluate this effort.


    - Vikas DK
    "The tongue of a Blue whale weighs as much as a full grown elephant"
  2. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Man, i don't want to be rude and i certainly don't want to embarress you, but this is really, really bad. I mean the vocals, the Sur is very bad, lack of any kind of emotions in your voice. I really can't find anything in this song that is good. I appreciate your effort, but you really have improve lots of things when talking about your vocals!
    Because the recording is so bad i can't say anything about your guitarplaying, i barely can't hear your guitar!

    Keep practising man and take care!!!
  3. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    hi vikas..wel i think u have posted some more songs of urs ...is it? coz i remember telling u to practice more on vocals.........but i think as u urself said u did it only coz its easy to play.......wel dude there are some more songs which i think u wil be able to sing very easily and which use simple chords try these first.......
    but hey keep pracitcing and posting.
  4. vikas.kulkarni@

    vikas.kulkarni@ New Member


    Thank you keoraf and parry for ur prompt replies. I am glad to get comments from u.

    And keoraf, I am open to criticism, so I am not at all embarrassed. The next song u will listen from me, u will definitely say, "You have improved a lot, Vikas".
  5. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    Now thats what I call true blue spirit. Yes buddy take ur time and we are here to give u the feedback.
    Best of luck.
  6. peaceful_words

    peaceful_words New Member

    it sounds good.. but is it recorded over the original?
  7. vikas.kulkarni@

    vikas.kulkarni@ New Member


    thanks peaceful_words for ur comments.
    i got the karaoke track of this song and recorded on top of it
  8. kuunal10

    kuunal10 New Member


    just want to hello to all pepole

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