Maula Mere.....Aankhen Teri Chords

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  1. afg_guitarist

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    Whats up?!

    Alright, lets get right into this song.

    M(Am)aula mere, M(Em)aula mere.....(same chords throughout for this phrase)

    A(Em)ankhen t(C)er(Em)i, k(Em)itni h(C)as(Em)een, (gotta get used to quick chord changes, from Em to C and vice-versa)
    (Dm)Ke inka (C)aash(Em)iq,
    (Dm)Main ban gay(C)a (Em)hoo,
    (Dm)Mujhko bas(C)aa (Em)le,
    Inme (C)tu,

    (Em)Mujhse ye har ghaddi me(G)ra (F)dil (Dm)kahe,
    (Em)Tum hi ho is(C)ki aarez(Em)oo(Dm)oo, (quick transition from Em to Dm)
    (Em)Mujhse ye har ghaddi me(G)re (F)lab (Dm)kahe,
    (Em)Teri hi ho sa(C)b guftug(Em)oo(Dm)oo (again quick transition)

    Rest of the song is the same. I played along with the song and the chords sound close to me.

    I will let you all be the judge and critique (if needed).
  2. behush_nirvana

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    Good effort... i wanted to post this song... ur chords need lil more purification... but they sound grt...

    I dunno why nobady has replied for this classical grt sng....
    I guess what ppl here on IGT needs is humpy bumpy hit sng... common guyz appreciate the good stuff...

    I hope we get all the old guyz back on IGT .. i mean Jay, Bandbaaja , subhro, Arindham... and loads..
  3. afg_guitarist

    afg_guitarist New Member

    Feel free to purify :)
  4. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    its right but why u are garnishing with Em ..

    use Am instead of Em

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