mathematics and music Part III r u eXperienced

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    In calculus the study of limits, continuity, differentiation is called the Music Of Mathematics.

    Math is the study of numbers (not actually), to become a g mathematician the number be on ur tips but in playing guitar ur tips always remember the numbers. In case of power chords u integrate the sound, While bending string e.g15b17 u tries to get the sound from15 to 17 without making a break while u can get the sound of 17 by hitting this but u wants a continuous sound , it is the concept of uniform continuity in [15,17] if u remember ur old knowledge of calculus

    While playing solos(like discussing or exploring new horizons in any field specially in mathematics, my teacher always used to say donot go to the complicated side of ur discussion first take a start from some simple knowledge, then involve the audience in ur discussion, paralized them then take them where u want them, I used to called this situation , taking people from the land of fools to the nowhere land of genius) ok back to the real discussion while playing solos we started with some simple tabs to match the theme of the instrumental, then increase the intensity of the theme then goes to unknown destination, we make our atmost effort to make the instrumental intresting using the techniques like pull off, slides, hammerons and even trilling, and sometimes combine the in tapping, similarly in mathematics we come across the repeated calculations, keeping in mind the theme of the instrumental you comes back to the original target i.e that was required if u r doing mathematics, man I m talking about the outro in music, so parallel ends in music as well as of our mathematics.

    Rock the world with ur mathematics and music (remember the instrumental music)
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    ya , but music is much more entertaining than maths

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