mathematics and music Part II, slight return

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by infinite aaz, Apr 29, 2005.

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    Im the student of mathematics and doing my PhD in it, if u tries to compare the philosophy of mathematics and music, which supposed to be, I remember few days Bach, first time in my college I was attending the farewell ceremony on the retirement of our vice principal, coz my v.principal, insisted me to play guitar, which first I refused coz I know the taste of the, they wand to listen some oldies songs of subcontinent, but I m not interested in them, I m in instrumental music, when I told him u r not gonna like my style he replied , son u want to fire bullets on the stage, a warfare situation any ways he said son play what u want, so I played always with me always with u by satch and blood and glory by steve. And roshani ka yakeen by shehzad roy, and in the end the instrumental rhythm of ankhoon na ankhoon ko by junaid jamshed, specially the violin part on my guitar, ok this article was inspired by introducing math and music, but makes it clear by music I always mean instrumental music, unless or other wise stated.

    In calculus the study of limits, continuity, differentiation is called the Music Of Mathematics.
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    man, only two full stops in that long sentence, and one of them is where its not supposed to be! isn't there a relation between math and language?
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    @ananth :RollLol:

    @infini... :confused: :confused:
    confused.. mathematically n musically both.
    also u cud hav postd all 3 thrds of urz in 1 itself.
    nywayz.. :confused: :confused:
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    dazed and confused?

    man these articals are infact one post but three parts, man i think u have no idea of series try to read all three than give comments u cannot get the point after reading one, and man pointing the fullstops or commas, this is u i mean ur picture r u really old, or u r inspired by the man, which appeared in string songs, if i m right the hariharan.

    still i have used one fullstop
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    wrong post

    sorry, the wrong post :cool:
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    hey infinite, I was just joking.
    the picture is not hariharan, its not me either. its the great Ilayaraja, one of the greatest composers coming from south India. Listen to his songs u will love them.

    I like ur idea of relating mathematics and music. but mathematics can be related to anything.
    Math has special relation to music in several planes - for rhythm, we can get complex mathematical patterns in a simple 8 beat cycle (this is common in hindustani and carnatic music. more so in carnatic, where you have the concept of "korvai" which is highly mathematical)
    and sound of music in general has many mathematical properties, like what harmonics sound good, what ratio of frequencies make an interval sound the way it does (like octave is a ratio of 2, perfect fifth is 1.5 etc) and how scales are generated based on mathematical ratios.
    I think these are bigger mathematical impacts than just the "continuum" of a bend as opposed to "discreteness" of a hammer.
    Just my opinion.
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    this is what i want to know...
    mathematics and grass... anyone done research on that?

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