mathematics and music Part I

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    This article or rather discussion was inspired by my friend Sharukh omer, so man I have decided and posting it for useful comments and discussion but remember the genuine persons no……….ok here it goes

    How u makes a difference between a rational and irrational number
    Answer is the number in fraction is rational where as the one in square root is irrational if the number in the square root is imperfect square. hats fine but can u tell what is rational and which one is irrational if we have, (i) 2.3456
    (iii) 4.5657535167042337
    first and second both r rational but third is not, coz first one having terminating decimal, second nonterminating but having repeated values look at after decimal we have 41414141, but third is the irrational by the obvious reasons, just like musical sound is one in which wave forms r repeated after regular manner, other wise it is noise(ha ha depending about ur taste if r in grunge or industrial music this is most beautiful music)
    similarly the string of ur guitar is tuned of any note , e, f, g, c, b etc if it repeats the same beats, do u know when ur string is tuned its tension value is of some rational value, remember the root mean square value what u have studied in ur physics, ok.
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    ok thanks.......
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