Masoom Si Naav... Zindagi(Satyamev Jayete) Guitar Chords

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    Song- Masoom Si Naav...Zindagi
    Album- Satyamev Jayete (episode 4) on Star Plus.
    Lyrics- Suresh Bhatia
    Music- Ram Sampath
    Singer- Ram Sampath
    This sundays theme song was 'masoom si naav hai zindagi' sung by Ram Sampath earlier one was 'Rupaiyya' by Sona Mahapatra. Issue for this week's episode was 'Healthcare Ethics in India'. The best feature of this song is its lyrics.
    (E)Ek masoom si naav (A)hai
    (A)zindagi.. (E)zindagi..
    (E)toofan mein dol (A)rahi
    (A)zindagi.. (E)zindagi..
    (E)maajhi ki aankhon mein (A)jhaank kar (E)kinara dhoondh (A)rahi hai
    (A)zindagi.. (E)zindagi..(A)zindagi.. (E)zindagi..
    Flute lead: (E)..(A)..(A).. (E)
    (E)baadalon ka (A)shor bahut
    (E)tez hawa chal rahi (A)hai..
    (A)tez hawa chal (E)rahi hai.
    (E)ek lau maajhi ke (F#m)haath mein (G#m)aey..(F#m)aey..(A)aey
    (A)ek lau maajhi ke (E)haath mein
    (A)aankh moonde hai (E)jaagi hui..
    (A)aankh moonde hai (F#m)jaagi hui..
    Rest of the song is same.Here is the link to this song do watch it.Does Healthcare Need Healing? - Episode Song -- Naav - YouTube
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