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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by aryasridhar, Jul 22, 2012.

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    This guy, "Santiago" is the one who designed and built the YJM and the AFD series of amps for Marshall. He has also worked on many more amps, he is really the key person....who designs and makes amps starting from the MG series to the higher end Marshall.

    I had a chance to put up a question to him, rather i mentioned a scenario of India, where Marshall Tube amps are rare and not to be seen, unlike Vox or Laney tube amps.

    I am an avid Marshall amp fan, Got to try a JCM 900 and simply loved it, I do not need a 100watter, all i need is a 15w amp that is Marshall, Marshall Haze was a failed product which is discontinued and they are now coming up with DSL 15 Head and Combo, Its a 3 channel amp, and a small cousin of the awesome DSL 50/100. I am really eyeing for the 15 watter. I also completed building a pedal which clones a well known Marshall.

    So when i wanted to buy the Haze i contacted the Distributor for Marshall in India, they directed me to a person in Bangalore, and he said those were unavailable to buy. I asked can i get a quote for the Marshall Class 5? He gave me a quote of 35k, which is ridiculous pricing...I emailed Marshall several times, and to no avail, they would just re-direct my query to the same distributor over and over. So out of frustration i stopped emailing Marshall or the distributor and tried to eye at someone who could get me one from the States.

    Then i saw this thread at a forum and I posted there, Santiago is a member of the same forum, and he duly replied stating that he would pass on the information to the concerned person @ Marshall UK, and he thought the marketing guys would be well aware of the situation and about the distributor @ India.

    To the number of stores including furtados that i spoke to about Marshall amps, they say just one thing, the Marshall India Distributor does not give us the stuff to sell....meaning, someone is sitting on good amps to come in to India and charging hell of a lot of money for even a 5 watter....

    I know i have written this haphazardly, but i hope you all get the point.....I want to be able to afford a Marshall Tube amp and want to be able to play it and love it.....if any of you also do, please share your experiences....
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    Marshall Class 5 is rightly priced at 35k in my opinion. It sells for 500$ which is more than 27500 INR if bought from US. Then you can add shipping and duties and there you are.

    That's there for all musical instruments. Am i right?

    And i haven't played enough amps to decide if i am a fan of something in particular or not.
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    Correct. Although those prices are weird in a way that the MS-C5 amp costs about 539-599 British pounds currently. strange part is the prices for the JVM410C are about right on most online US stores.
    But it's the List/MSRP+12.5% that's to be taken in consideration on instruments & not the online price if you are buying the product from an official dealer in India. It normally applies to most instruments.

    It's actually cheaper to import stuff made in UK from UK though than to import them from USA where the prices contain the added shipping & taxes that they paid to import stuff into their own nation.
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    The first post gives the same feeling when you are in a nondescript village railway station, and a super-fast express train just thunders across non-stop.
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    You referring to my post? the Original Post? If yes, please elaborate what you mean.....

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