Marathi Maiboli cha Garv

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  1. Konee

    Konee New Member

    Hi Friends,

    I really appreciate you all people who are trying to play Marathi songs. Marathi songs have lost their charm and we are the one who have to bring it up again. Be proud to be Maharastrians and play Marathi songs. Keep on trying and posting all Marathi songs tabs and chords so that each one can play them easily. I appreciate your co-operation and looking forward for this.

  2. tabmaster

    tabmaster New Member

    hey konee..
    who told u dat new marathi songs hv lost der charm??
    ...we still hv people like AVG , Ajay-atul, sandip-saleel makin awsome song..
    did u here them??
    otherwise u wont be complaining abt this..
    and tabbin for marathi songs is not easy man ..
  3. godblessme

    godblessme New Member

    tabmaster is right man ! :rock:
    there is great work done by maestros like Lata, Asha,babuji..etc list goes on
    त्यांच्या गाण्यात इतक्या बारीक बारीक हरकती असतात कि..ऐकतांन छान वाटत. पण tab जाम करतांना वाट लागते..

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