Mar Jawan (chords) from the movie Fashion

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  1. afg_guitarist

    afg_guitarist New Member

    Hi folks,
    Due to busy life, I was away from this website and my guitar though good tunes kept falling on my ears. Here is my latest attempt; a beautiful song.........let me apologize in advance for failing to figure out the highlighted bit of the song. Perhaps someone here can help me fill the void.

    Eb: xx1343 or xxx343 (basically D chord moved down a fret)
    Bb: x13331
    F: 133211
    Dm: xx0231

    The ambiguous intro (Arabic or whatever language it is) follows four chords:

    (Dm)radi kra di krawa(Eb)
    (Bb)wal hawah wasamah(F) (same progression for the rest of the lines).

    Now into the song:

    Mar jaw(Bb)an,
    Mar jaw(Bb)an,
    Tere ish(Dm)q pe,
    Mar jaw(Bb)an,
    (Dm)Bheegi bheegi sapno ka jaise khat (F)hai,
    (Dm)Gheeli gheeli chaahat ki jaise lat (F)hai.........

    (intro played again)

    Soche (Dm)lekin aisa kaa(Bb)sh ho,
    Tujhko (Dm)ek nazar meri talaa(Bb)sh ho,
    Jaise khwaab hai aankho mein base meri,
    Waise neendo pe silvate pade teri,

    (Dm)Bheege bheege armano ki na h(F)ad hai,
    (Dm)Gheele gheele khwaahish bhi to beh(F)ad hai.......
  2. mani_manu

    mani_manu New Member

    interesting will try this..but can u give the Intro tab..
  3. x969

    x969 New Member

    im not sure, but i think the intro goes like...

    B: ---7--5--7--5--7--8-- (x3)

    and the 2nd part is

    B: ---3--5--7----7--5--5--
  4. afg_guitarist

    afg_guitarist New Member

    The intro tabs:


    you got the idea, I hope :)
  5. afg_guitarist

    afg_guitarist New Member

    Any corrections or suggestions?
  6. utkarsh_dev

    utkarsh_dev New Member

    Nice attemt afg.... but according to me it sonunds best if you use.....mine chords.....
    i m just editing ur chords

    Bm)radi kra di krawa(G)
    (D)wal hawah wasamah(A) (same progression for the rest of the lines).

    Now into the song:

    Mar jaw(Bm)an,
    Mar jaw(G)an,
    Tere ish(D)q pe,
    Mar jaw(A)an,
    (D)Bheegi bheegi sapno ka jaise khat (A)hai,
    (D)Gheeli gheeli chaahat ki jaise lat (A)hai.........

    (intro played again)

    Soche (D)lekin aisa kaa(Bm)sh ho,
    Tujhko (D)ek nazar meri talaa(Bm)sh ho,
    Jaise (A)khwaab hai aankho mein (D)base meri,
    Waise(A) neendo pe silvate (D)pade teri,
    (D)Bheege bheege armano ki na h(A)ad hai,
    (D)Gheele gheele khwaahish bhi to beh(A)ad hai.......
  7. liposuction

    liposuction New Member

    Very nice Song.. This is the only song from movie Fashion I like....superb

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  8. rajuintelli

    rajuintelli New Member

    Chords marjawaan

    hi guys,
    wathched ur chords every body.

    why dnt u try a full step down chords:

    its Am, g , c

    sounds good. n for the first line its not Bm, G
    its Bm, A..................

    any corrections most welcomed.......
  9. purvi_goyal29

    purvi_goyal29 New Member

  10. purvi_goyal29

    purvi_goyal29 New Member

    c'mon ppl..
    is thr no one 2 comment on my work...??
  11. james2k3

    james2k3 New Member

    does anybody have keyboard notes for this song??? plz post.. Thx
  12. newkid_on_block

    newkid_on_block New Member


    Saw your youtube video.. or rather heard it.. u have played very nicely...
    it sounds very much nice and clear..However i would request you to post the chords you have used.. will appreciate that
  13. purvi_goyal29

    purvi_goyal29 New Member

    the only chords i've used are Amin, F and G.. try out the progression urself.. if u hav any difficulties just let me knw.. i'll post them too...:)
  14. alinamarium

    alinamarium New Member

    gt it...tnks..nice effort.
  15. bhilairockers

    bhilairockers New Member

    nyc job...

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