Man sues Metallica and Music Publishers Association

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    MNA Report – Jan 2006

    NJ citizen sues Metallica and the Music Publishers Association of USA

    Giving them an unexpected taste of their own medicine, a New Jersey youngster plans to sue legendary metal band Metallica and the Music Publishers Association of USA, according to trusted news sources. Apparently it all began when the man began to fart uncontrollably – and they sounded like a popular Metallica song.

    The decidedly anal Music Publishers Association of USA (MPA) swung into the act and were seriously contemplating busting his ass – literally – on charges of “unlicensed performance”. Not to be bogged down, the man applied to Metallica for a performance license but was promptly refused. According to a Metallica spokesman the band did not want to "sound like shit – at least not officially."

    This led the dismayed youth to move the court for what he believes is his birthright – the freedom to fart. Ironically he is – or used to be – one of Metallica's most ardent fans. It pained him to take this drastic step, he moaned, "the last thing I wanted to do was raise a stink about my favorite musicians."

    © 2006 Masala News Agency
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    :RollLol: :RollLol: :RollLol: :RollLol:
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    zing = Lord_Neo

    LOL, nice n00ze.
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    the_wizard Omega == God is more entertaining than all these "man/boy sues blah blah" news reports
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    lol ... someone shld sur metallica for the shitty st. anger album, considering that they sounded like S*hit..
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    ^ no st.anger busting :mad: it has been dicussed to death and evry1 knows how the album was.
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    I thought this thread was started by Neo.......
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    Alright .. That means i can sue indian ocean now .. :))
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    Is it just me or are more people tired of " x sues y" (with a possibility of y=x) threads ?

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