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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by anil achari, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. anil achari

    anil achari New Member

    I'm Anil, very glad to introduce my self as a guitarist, playing in one of the popular orchestras in Trivandrum. I have been going through some of the posts in IGT regarding non availability of Malayalam song chords in IGT. If anyone needs song chords of almost all Malayalam (old & new) songs you can send me a request through IGT or you can send a private mail to I'll always be there to provide help to all new comers to this field.
  2. ravi_shankar

    ravi_shankar New Member

  3. nithi SEBASTIAN

    nithi SEBASTIAN New Member

    Hi Anil

    I'm a new comer to this field and i'm very happy to meet you here. can you help me in learnin guitar??? please send me some tips to learn guitar and those tabs.
  4. MayuRonaldinho

    MayuRonaldinho New Member

    same here dude!!! i m thru wid scales but cant play chords... need help!!!
  5. ignatious_ke

    ignatious_ke New Member

    hai anil
    i am a new comer and i need help..can u provide some notes that can be played esily since i am very new to this field.....
  6. kannankrla

    kannankrla New Member

    Hi Anil... I'm new comer and i'm studiying acoustic guitar... will u add tabs of malayalam song "Vennila chandana kinnam" from movie "azhakiya ravanan".. plz....
  7. chacks

    chacks New Member

    malayalam guitar chords

    Hi anil..plz send some good malayalam guitar chords id is
    thanks in advance..

  8. tHe_maNiaC

    tHe_maNiaC New Member

    send me too.. plzzz.., especially if u have intro of anthi veyil ponnuthirum of ulladakkam.... thanks in advance
  9. sreenuisbusy

    sreenuisbusy New Member

  10. sreenuisbusy

    sreenuisbusy New Member

    can v frnds

    am also frm tvm.......
  11. anil achari

    anil achari New Member

    hello friends,
    it's been a long time since I visited IGT, but I got so many requests from guys around the world for guitar chords for malayalam songs through my mail, and I made sure that I met there request and all of them were happy too with my reply but recently it became a pain in the ---- as some of the guys asking for some song notes with a kind of harsh language as if its their right to ask for it and I'm there to provide it kind of. so I request all friends not to request for song chords as I will not be able to provide any from now on
  12. anas.kongath

    anas.kongath New Member

    i want guitar notes for malayalam song paadaam namukku paadam from the film yuvajanolsavam
  13. Shaan Nix

    Shaan Nix New Member

    I Think this song is available at
  14. Shaan Nix

    Shaan Nix New Member

    need basic notes for any songs?? Is there any beginers here??
  15. crazytabs

    crazytabs New Member

    yessss a beginner !!!!
  16. harishmba

    harishmba New Member

  17. deepaksmn

    deepaksmn New Member

    hi plz help.
    you are a gifted artist. not all fans are same. plz ingone harsh request and help out others who are willing to learn things from you. it would be very nice of you if you'll help me plz mail me tabs for malayalam songs my email ID :

    deepak soman
  18. matrix_1

    matrix_1 New Member

    Hi I am new to the site pleased to meet you all here
  19. aje7th

    aje7th New Member

    please sent me guitar notes for the song kannolam kaanaanum from the movie plus 2. please sent it to thank you.
  20. vipinwww

    vipinwww New Member

    I am also from tvm...
    Only a beginner...
    Please send me also the songs.....

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