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  1. yogeshkr

    yogeshkr New Member

    There is very small percentage of people in India who ever get chance to learn playing any kind of music.

    We are forming a group called Muziclub with a mission to promote music learning and performance amongst a vast majority of people. We strongly believe that God has given every human being intrinsic ability to learn music and with loads of passion and tons of practice, any individual has the potential to be a music genius. Also we believe that active involvement with music is infinitely more enjoyable than passively listening to it.

    Would greatly appreciate if you can take a peek at the muziclub website to learn about our beliefs, mission and planned acitivities and share your inputs. Also please let us know if you would like to join us or help us in any ways.

    Many thanks

  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    But why should anyone join?

    A person interested in learning would learn anyhow.
    Is the website helping the guy learn? like probably giving hints on how to buy a new intrsuemtns, where he can buy, good but affordable brands, teachers/lessons etc
  3. yogeshkr

    yogeshkr New Member

    Thanks alpha1 for your comment.

    I agree that there is currently little reason to join muziclub... we do not have much to offer other than a burning desire to spread music playing ability to a vast majority and detailed plans around how to establish ourselves. Pl note that muziclub will not be just a website but also a chain of 'locations' where a varied level of musical 'activity' will take place.... happy to discuss plans if interested. We are also keenly looking for partners who can join us and work towards common goals.

    Your comment 'A person interested in learning would learn anyhow' is very interesting... Its true to some extent, however just think about this... In the last 50 years or so, the western world has produced thousands of well known music artists, bands etc while in India you can easily count well known musicians on your fingertips. I guess the reason behind this lies in widespread options to learn music in West whereas in India the opportunity has been limited to a small privileged section of people.
  4. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    how do you actually plan to provide the opportunity which had been limited to a small privileged section of people earlier?
  5. yogeshkr

    yogeshkr New Member

    wish i had an easy answer... here are some thoughts... comments and suggestions welcome.
    Muziclub will be a platform for enabling increased level of connect and collaboration between various music loving people. Muziclub infrastructure will include high class Music equipments, recording studio, coffee and snack bar and library. We are hoping to start our activities in Pune in near future. Over a period of time we intend to spread out at multiple locations in various cities.

    Tie up with schools: Many schools do not have adequate infrastructure or teachers to provide any sort of music teaching to the students. Even shools that have some setup do not have proper structure for assessing the level of teaching or doing assessment on objective basis. With muziclub, schools can completely outsource their music teaching requirements. This will take care of following: Developing right teaching programs for student needs, Conducting music sessions, providing Muziclub infrastructure, helping students prepare for assessments.
    Corporate Workshops for Professionals Muziclub's music based team Building workshops will not only be a great way to relieve stress at work but will also help participants with professional skill enhancement and added appreciation of music.
    Workshops for Musicians and Bands These workshops will focus on specific Music themes with the objective of developing deep musical skills for participants in these areas. e.g. Original Songwriting, Classical compositions, Fusion etc
    Workshops for Children These workshops will focus on developing Music interest and learning amongst Children to help with their overall development process. e.g. Song and Story Workshops for toddlers, Choir workshop for school going children, Percussion workshop for fun and social development, Family workshops for kids and parents
    Music AssessmentMuziclub will enable Assessment and certifications from globally accredited Organizations like ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music). ABRSM is an educational body based in London that provides examinations in music all over the world. Over 620,000 candidates take ABRSM examinations each year in over ninety countries.
    Over a period of time we also intend to develop our own certifications in specific areas where needed
    Warm Regards,
  6. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Good initiative... but do u have enuf finances for the same?
  7. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    A point to make it clear that its not the question of opportunity.
    I see many poor, artists, primarily from rural background etc playing in our familiar brass bands - playing trumpet/tuba etc in weddings.
    Do you know how difficult it is to learn to play a brass instrument?

    That should lay rest to your speculation about opportunity and training.
    If a person from weak economic background can learn, surely a person having money to spare can also learn.

    Its the remuneration equation that prevents ppl form venturing into music.
    Music, as we all know is a time consuming art. you need to put in hours of learning nad practice to reach a level where you are accepted as a player.

    But what do you get in return? (The money aspect). not much.
    So being desperately practical, as we indians are in monetary matters - music takes a back seat.
  8. andhura

    andhura New Member

    He has to learn if that's his bread and butter.
  9. yogeshkr

    yogeshkr New Member

    Dear Alpha1, I agree that lot of people work very hard in music and don't get adequate monetary returns. Its unfortunate that several really good musicians struggle to make a living out of music and end up doing something else for livelihood.

    I hope that higher level of musical activity at Muziclub will generate additional options for musicians to make money. Something as powerful as music surely deserves better returns.

    Dear Rickkkyrich, Finances hopefully should not be huge issue. Fortunately I have access to several business professionals who have liked the plan and are willing to invest. I am working on refining the plans which is where feedback and input from good music forums like indianguitartabs is very important. So far its very encouraging.

    Warm Regards,
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Yes but why music instruments of all the things?
    Its not that he is thrust into a wedding band, and forced to learn at a gun point.
    There is always a musical inclination/bent.
  11. Hardik

    Hardik .:.:.:BoRn TaLenT:.:.:.

    For what you are starting.... though it's small scale, it's a start.
    And I believe you & I have the same basic goal. :)
    Am posting at IGT after a long long time... I used to be regular here & have taught myself to play the Guitar & Synth with help of people on this forum.
    I am part of a band now... and over the years, i've seen what musicians have to go through to get a break somewhere. Specially rock bands & artists. (Personal experience speaking)
    Music industry in India is ruled by Bollywood. Even if you are extraordinary, ultimately everything comes down to Money! You cannot get anywhere without bribing a thousand people or having contacts right up there who can pull you in.
    Thats why the band scene in India is largely underground. Coz unless you are born with a silver spoon or have a strong financial back up, life gets tough.
    But i can see a slow change.... with shows like Rock on (though it is totally commercialized) airing & bollywood songs having a bit of rock thrown here n there...

    I am also based in Pune. We have also started a Music school at a very low scale. Our band's lead guitarist & drummer teach their respective instruments for now. :)

    I've seen your website but didn't find any contact numbers. Kindly PM me your contact information. I would really like to meet you. :D
  12. yogeshkr

    yogeshkr New Member

    Good to hear from you Hardik. IGT is indeed a great forum... me and my bandmates learnt a lot from postings here back in London.

    It will be great to connect with you. I have sent you my contact details

  13. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    I think we have enough "Gurukul"s to learn Indian music and there are lots of talents all around (and an equally big industry to intake them)...
    Western Music is what we are not so good in (comparing to international bands)... But that's natural! An American wouldn't be able to play Tabla like Zakir Hussain...will he??
  14. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    you might be surprised
  15. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    ^^^I will be the happiest person to see someone doing our music like us... That signifies the rich culture that we have. Nevertheless, it is rare :(

    EDITED: Nice Siggy u hav alpha1.1 :p:
  16. alpha1

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  17. g0g0l

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    (***bah**** )² :p:

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