Main teri mohabbat mein (Tridev)

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    Main teri mohabbat mein (Tridev)..simple tabs to impress any try out...

    Hi Friends,

    This song is one of the best romantic songs i've heard. The music is fabulous.
    I've tried to figure out the tabs for intro of this song..let me knw if u guys like it...

    e |---------0-------------------0-----------------0--------------------0------------
    B |-------0---0-1-0----------0---0-1-0------------------------------0----0-1--------
    G |-----2------------------2-----------------4-5----4-5-4--------2-----------2------
    D |---2------------------3-----------------5-------------------2---------------------
    A |-0------------------0-----------------0-------------------0-----------------------
    E |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    keep repeating....enjoy...
    I'm damn sure ur girl will be surely impressed if u play these tabs correct...

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