Mahavinash - the story of ear drum rupture

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by Psycho_Guitar, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Psycho_Guitar

    Psycho_Guitar New Member

    Mahavinash is now a 3 piece band with following lineup

    Gaurav - Guitars , backing vocals and occassional lead vocals
    Jackson - Bass Guitar , Lead Vocals
    Adi - Drums.

    Its a very basic lineup and we all are startup musicians.You can check out band's history on the webpage (as and when it comes up)

    As of now we have recorded the following

    1. Cassandra (By Theatre of Tragedy)
    2. Jaguar Song (Original Composition)
    3. Pramila (Original Composition)
    4. Rammstein (By Rammstein)

    The band's official web page will be comming up shortly because i have to juggle my time between classes , lectures , Impending exams (frm 5th of Jan god damn it) etc etc .The URL is .So now the world will have an opportunity of trashing our creation!

    Lets see how the monstrosity unfolds.

  2. slash

    slash New Member

    kool, all u guys from kolkatta?
  3. Psycho_Guitar

    Psycho_Guitar New Member

    yup all of us are frm CAlcutta and will love to perform in any all girls college for free esp. rani Birla Girl;s College!
  4. FinalPhase

    FinalPhase New Member

    u and every other guy in the world....buddie:p
  5. Psycho_Guitar

    Psycho_Guitar New Member

    I know...chics rule!
  6. Psycho_Guitar

    Psycho_Guitar New Member

    I know...chics rule! no one can beat the blood rush of performing in front of chics who are as crazy as dope and headbanging!!!

    bad thing is no one stays and spends the night.:nw:

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