mahavinash - Destruction of the ear drum

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by Psycho_Guitar, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. Psycho_Guitar

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    hello Metalliers.

    Mahavinash is the latest band to hit the ear drums in eatern india.The best part is..none have been permanently damaged yet.Ha Ha Ha.

    Mahavinash is a 3 piece Neo-thrash band started by "us" the damned 3rd year ppl frm Indian Institute of information technology Calcutta.The line up is as follows

    Gaurav - Guitar (Rhythm,Lead etc etc)
    Adi - Drums
    Some punk with free time - Vocalist

    We have recorded 2 demos-- "Cassandra" and "Pramila". I hope to put them up on the bands official website as soon as it gets one. If u want to listen to our stuff anyway then why dont u mail me ur wish and i will grant u your wish. Ha Ha Ha.By the way my email is

    Keep Killing
  2. Psycho_Guitar

    Psycho_Guitar New Member

    Cassandra is great song by a great band called theatre of Tragedy.
    Bhai kya bandi hai yaar!
    the lead singer is a goddess!
  3. slash

    slash New Member

    Kool stuff! when is the website coming up, i dont mind listening to your songs. Especially when the lead singer is a godess:) :) :)
  4. Psycho_Guitar

    Psycho_Guitar New Member

    now we have a bassist too!!!

    and if u want her pics.....mail me
  5. Redalert

    Redalert New Member

  6. Psycho_Guitar

    Psycho_Guitar New Member

    Mahavinash 's official homepage is

    I have just registered the name today.The website will come up in 3 days time because right now we are busy recording our demos.


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