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    jab gir aye raat k saye(G) ankhon par(D)
    timtimaye law mere(G) chirago par(D)
    us andhere(C) mein achanak(G) ho teri saher(D)
    bandegi teri(G) hai maula(C) zindagi meri(G) hai maula(D)
    ye khusi(G) ye gahm(C) tere jalwe(G)

    then song progresses with same chord progression

    dis is my 1st post in plzzz...reply...after trying it.....plzzzz
  2. suman_uav

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    ha sob thk ache......amio etai bajai....khali us andhere ei portion tay ekta Am ba Cmajor 4 strng chord use krte intro ta onekta eirokom...---Hold G major 320022.....and then play the following string pattern using finger pick.....5 2 3(gap),2 3.....continues...
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    maula guitar solo

    hey guys I am trying to decode the solo of the song but it seems it's too tough for me to do it by hearing..please upload the solo which occurs at around 2:15..and the last section..thank you!!!!!

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