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    how much does dis effects on the quality of the guitar??

    Like a yamaha rbx270 made in indonasia is under 15k.....but japan made rbx270l is 24k......why?
  2. paranoid13rohan

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    not much idea ... but a wild guess would be TAX.
  3. god_of_guitar

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    the quality and components used in made in japan model are much better
  4. yazi

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    Its got nothing to do with design. everything remains the same. Except Quality control and craftsmanship. They are very strict in Jap made instruments.
  5. born2tab

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    Simple ...the cost of products made in developed courntries will always b higher coz the purchasing power of the population is much higher than the developing or da third grade countries.
  6. laneymaney

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    strict is an understatement! My bro saw some pics of a small time JAP factory and theyve got some Quality control laws pasted all over the walls. They have to exercise , do yoga and wierd shyt

  7. yazi

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    I meant quality of guitars
  8. yazi

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    Who cares about Sumos and Samurais.
  9. laneymaney

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    Japanese quality is seriously better....u can see the difference if you compare an LTD MH400 and an ESP Horizon wit the same just is better...period
  10. yazi

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    Whats the difference between LTD and ESP?
    I know its quality, but why?
  11. laneymaney

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    lots of history behind it. ESP was called Electronics Sound Products....started as a place where guitar replacement parts were made blah blah blah. George Lynch visited them when he was touring in Japan cus he had broken his guitars neck or something. He asked them to make him a custom guitar. They had a brand of guitars called Navigator. Then came ESP. Then came Edwards. Then came LTD . Then came Grassroots....quality levels....
    Navigators...friggin expensive....awesome quality
    ESP.............Quite expensive.....killer quality
    Edwards.......Ok-Ok pricing.......killer quality (little lower than ESP standard series.
    LTD.............Good Pricing.......not made in Japan(most)...places like Korea and Indonesia....very so-so quality. pricing(comparitively).........made with "budget parts" but good quality timber etc etc.

    When i say budget parts i mean LFRs,Gotohs and Seymour Duncans and EMG Passives.

    thats abt it

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    so sud i take da bass for like 10,000 more dan indonesia made one?
  13. laneymaney

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    It would be wiser i guess. But if you tell me your budget i can webcrawl around and let you know.

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