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  1. andholanam

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    [size=5]Song - Made in India
    Original scale - F#m
    Transposed scale - Cm [/size]
    Cm Cm Cm 	Cm G# Fm (3)
    Cm Cm Cm Cm 	G# Fm
    Cm G# Cm/G	Cm/G G# Fm (4)
    [b]   Cm              Gm         Cm            Gm[/b]
    Dekhi hai saari duniya, Japan se leke Russia
    [b]     Cm          Cm/Eb      Cm G#[/b]
    Australia se leke          America
    [b]Punch - (2)[/b]
    [b]   Cm                    Gm         Cm            Gm[/b]
    Dekha hai pyaar ka sapna, dil chaahe koi apna
    [b]     Cm              Cm/Eb        Cm G#[/b]
    Mil jaaye gar ek saathiya, ek desiya
    [b]Cm           Bb                G#[/b]
    Made in India, made in India
    [b]    G#                      Bb           Cm [/b]
    Ek dil chaahiye that's made in India
    O ho ho ho 
    [b]Cm           Bb                G#[/b]
    made in India, ek pyaara soniya
    [b]    G#                      Bb           Cm [/b]
    Ek dil chaahiye that's made in India
    [b]Punch - (2)[/b]
    song same as above para
    Tan gora ho ya kaala....made in India
    [b]Punch (1)[/b]
    [b]Snakey piece - 4 times[/b]
    song same as above para
    Kaisi hai yaar ameeri, made in India 
    [b]Snakey piece 4 times[/b]
  2. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    yet another great work....

    i was jus reviewing all the posts by you.. all the posts u made are with great chords/tabs... .man u are damn good at gutaring.... waiting to see more from your side...

    keep roking dude
  3. andholanam

    andholanam New Member

    thank you rizaaj. As I write the chords for new songs, I will post them here.
  4. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    ya sure.. waiting for more of your work... keep posting buddy
  5. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    andholanam why do u xpose to C all the time. (its good at least that u are aware of the original key and mention it in the posts) .. just curious.
  6. andholanam

    andholanam New Member

    It so happens that when some song has to be played with chords on Keyboard, I can play anything in the C scale blind. When I play guitar, I (have to) play in the original scale. Sometimes with Keyboard I utilize the special facility of transpose since C is my homeground. This is only when I have to "ram" the chords in on the KB to substitute guitar. So I write some of these songs in C.
  7. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    sounds cool!

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