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    Dear All,

    Greetings from a newbie to this group. It is great to see an Indian tablature
    site take off in such a big way. I have quite a few Tamizh and Hindi guitar ta
    bs which I hope to share with you in future. I have seen a number of very nice
    posts here from people like Ananth and Jayswami and I hope I can both contrib
    ute and learn from this group.

    I thought that I would start off by posting the chords to the song "Madai Thi
    ranthu" from Nizhalgal..

    I play the song in the A#maj Scale. I don't know if this is the original one s
    ince I worked out the chords for this a few years ago, but it still works. If
    this is not the original scale, you can always move it around.

    Ok.. the A#maj scale consists of the following notes:

    A# C D D# F G A

    The corresponding chords are:

    A#, Cm, Dm, D#, F, Gm and Am-dim

    (I apologize for being a little pedantic here but I have found that it usually helps to understand the scale first before going on to the chords).

    The other thing to note is that you could call this the A#maj Scale or the Gmin Scale. The Gmin is the relative minor of the A#maj scale. (On the fretboard, you can identify this by going down three semitones (half notes) to find the relative minor of a major scale). The notes and chords remain the same except that you would start from G instead of A#. On second thoughts, seeing how the song shapes up, I would rather call this the Gmin Scale.

    Anyway, let me give the chords first before a brief discussion:

    Dm          Gm    A#                      Dm
    Madai thiRanthu, Thaavum nathi alai naan,
    Dm          Gm      A#                    Dm
    Manam thiRanthu, koovim thiru kuyil naan,
    Dm          Cm                         Gm
    Isai Kalaingan, yen aasaigaL aayiram
    Gm                          A# Dm Cm F
    Ninaiththathu PaLiththathu
    Intro - 1

    Stanza - 1

    Dm                  A#             Gm             A#
    Kaalam KaNinthathu, kathavugaL thiRanthathu
    Dm                  A#             Gm           A#
    Nyaanam ViLainthathu, nal Isai piRanthathu
    Cm             Cm           Cm                       A#
    Puthu raagam padaippathaale, Naanum iRaivanE,
    A#          A#           A#                 Cm
    Isaikkena IsaigindRa rasigargaL raajjiyam,
    Cm       Dm
    YenakkE thaan.

    The second stanza is similar.

    A few things to note:

    In the Gmin Scale, the chords are so:

    Gm Amaj-dim A# Cm Dm D# F

    I IV V

    where I, IV and V denote the tonic, subdominant and dominant of the scale.

    1. The piece starts off with the V (Dm) and then resolves to the tonic (Gm) at the very beginning (Madai Thiranthu). I find this interesting because usually, people start off a song with the tonic and usually follow some chord progression, resoving it to the tonic again towards the end.

    2. The chord progression in the first lines is I - III - V (nice.. different from the usual I-IV-V.

    3. I like the resolution to tonic at the end of the (Ninaiththathu paLiththathu).. as Gm - A# - Dm - Cm - F which follows a I-III-V-IV-VII resolving to I at the next stanza.

    4. The stanzas have the same basic I-III-V progression before getting to IV-V at the end (Cm - Dm) .. and letting it hang like that. Creates a certain tension that can ONLY be released by resolving to the I, which is done at the next "Madai Thiranthu" when the Gm is played. I have found that I usually love songs that do this uniformally.. (also songs where there are scale changes... but thats for another day).

    5. In the second interlude, Raja subtly adds am F# into the mix. Now this is obviously outside the scale but nobody bothered to tell the Maestro that :) It creates a very nice effect.

    Hope this helps and please feel free to critique/correct me where I have gone wrong.

    P. S. The ends of the chords are a little misaligned.. hopefully someone can tell me how to rectify that :)
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    Thanks Jozko,

    Shall surely try depending on constraints on time of course :)


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    hello to myself a musician welcome this site
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    thanks for tha chords dude!
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    Hii.. do u have tabs for the same ... if so , could u plz upload dem!
    thanks in advance!

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