MAB1 Autographed Dean for sale

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by raddy, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. distorted

    distorted satan

    @raddy: some info on yr pedal collection pls... M planning of building up one...
  2. raddy

    raddy New Member

    hey i use a T-rex setup my setup is this all are t-rex pedals

    Comp-nova X Alberta X Bloody mary X Reptile X Twister ( reptile and twister in FX loop)
    compressor overdrive distortion delay chorus

    yeah and i now start any chain with a Morley bad horsie 2 wah :D
  3. distorted

    distorted satan

    Hmfff... Hw much did it all cost u?
  4. satch_attack

    satch_attack New Member exactly are ya planning to get a usa custom ??...the one in L.A is closed to the public...Even if ya get it ,it wont truly be custom built to your specs because they dont do that..It will be like the j-custom..Shops get it and build a few according to the specs they give ..and we buy it...

    Not to put you off track or anything...but if ya want a amazingly built custom guitar...check out carvin..I have played my friends custom Dc727 and honestly...its on par or even better than the jem7v ..the difference being the neck and the wont get the ultra thin prestige neck and the smoother edge pro trem

    Compared to the excruciating amount you will be paying to get the usa custom ,the carvin will cost ya half as much and be of the same check it out..
  5. raddy

    raddy New Member

    Bro ha ha dude your talking about guitars which are even better thn gibsons and fenders and even costilier. Trust me dude if Suhr Godin or Carvin were in INDIA i wud freggin jump and pounce on them like a freggin cat. There are only a 100 Ibanez USA customs made in the world before the shop shut down. And this one which i found a guy using it he wanted to sell it off cause well he loved his heavily modified fender and he wasn't in using that ibanez phase anymore. Aside from that am not going to the states so i wont be getting a Carvin and getting a carvin here is next to impossible tho idk if u get it in chennai or not. The main thing is the guitar sound good amazing feel to it and i called up Ibanez and asked them if it was genuine or not and they confirmed it's a genuine model pice brand w/e.

    so yeah in the end all i can say is there are many good guitars out there many better thn the rest. But we dont always need the best. We just need what gives us that Bite tone and makes you wanna play and rock EVEN ****ING HARDER !!!! \m/
  6. raddy

    raddy New Member

    am selling the Dean for 65-75k now :p :p !! P.S. am also selling BLOODY MARY t-rex distortion pedal for cheap if anyone is interested :D !!
  7. jack_brown12001

    jack_brown12001 New Member

    damn raddy.........thaat MAB1 was the guitar of my dreams....... i even keep the wallpaper of the thing on my comp........ freaking have an obsession to it......the graphics are awesome........but shit reality bites and i realise that is just a dream guitar for me.......

    AWESOME BABY dude........
  8. raddy

    raddy New Member

    Hey guys quick update :) !! the Dean is in S.B. music in Malad if anyone of you guys want to try it out and it goes for a cheap 65k :) !! immaculate condition :) !!

    Also T-rex Bloody mary distortion pedal for 7.5k :) !! whoever wants to buy it please email me at

    Also any question about the guitar can also be emailed there ^ :) !! peace

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