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    yeah i got a dean MAB1 Armorflame for sale its autographed and the 79/100 one. ( michael autographed the first 100 ) its for between 65-75k negotiatable. you know the drill EMG 85 , SA and 81 pickups. A relli good guitar not only for metal but for blues etc. IN mint condition. Thin neck VERY FAST GUITAR. unbelieveble action lik relli relli low so you dont need to relli think when you press the sting down. Licensed Floyd rose floating bridge and tremolo. 5 way pickup selector. 2 knobs 1 volume 1 tone. Putting a fender vintage cable into the deal . Yes you can come and check it out if you are based in mumbai if you are out of mumbai call up and we can work something out. . there is also a free High quality strat and blue rock plektrums that come with it. It comes with a Dean Hard case. You can also contac Blue rock for asking the authenticity of it. just email me at heartofmayhem at hotmail yeah please email me i dont noe the next time ill chek the forum >.< so yeah email guys :D and rock on

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