Maalai Nera Kaatril

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  1. mithooran

    mithooran New Member

    heey friends

    I ve released my first song called" Maalai Nera Kaatril"
    check it out...;) and i hope you like it

    I am looking forward to your comments...

  2. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    nice song man! just work on mixing!! :) good work! keep it up!!
  3. Jayaraj

    Jayaraj New Member

    hi mithooran
    u did a great job man
    very good Arrangment, nice Interlude, nice chords nice sounds selection and a nice Vocal, nice harmony at the back...nice sweet..! its great

    Hope i can here more staff from you..! Keep it up..!
  4. Bagavathi

    Bagavathi New Member

    hi my name is jay

    I just registered to gratulate u...
    its really a superb song...
    everthing is excellent,,
    I wish you all the best for you future plans...

    friends... is it possible to work together? i will be appreciated if we could produce a song together....


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