Maaeri of Euphoria lyrics & notations

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  1. vikramk

    vikramk New Member

    This is my first thread ever. i'm also new in Guitar playing.
    i've Downloaded the lyrics & notations for beautiful Euphoria Song
    "MAAERI" :nw:
    This is a folk base hindrock by Euphoria
    the song is as follows

    Teriyaan, meriyaan pul gayaa
    Pul gayaa haar te jeet
    Hey maae ki karnaa main jeet nu
    A E G A E
    Howay na je meet, howay na je meet.
    Esus2, Esus2/A, Esus2/D, Esus2
    Esus2 Asus2 Dsus2
    Bindiya lagaati to kaampti thi palkein maaeri
    Esus2 Asus2 Dsus2
    Chunniyan sajaa ke woh deti waadein kal ke maaeri
    E B D A
    Mere haathon mein tha uska haath
    E B D A
    Thi chaashni si har uski baat.
    NC Dsus2 A6
    Maaeri aap hi hansdi, maaeri aap hi rondi
    C D E
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri
    Dsus2 A6
    Gallaan o kardi, maaeri ankhhaan naal larhdi
    C D E
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri
    Dsus2, Esus2/A
    He maaeri
    Esus2 Asus2 Dsus2
    Baarishon mein lipatke maa aati thi woh chalke maaeri
    Esus2 Asus2 Dsus2
    Deriyaan ho jaae to roti halke halke maaeri
    E B D D
    Phir se main roun phir woh gaaye
    E B D A
    Thandi hawaaen ban ke chhaae
    Maaeri heera o gaandi maaeri gidde o paundi
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri
    Jannataa o langdi maaeri mannataa o mangdi
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri.
    Dsus2 A Esus2
    Ab ka karoon, kaa se kahoon e maaeri
    Dsus2 A Esus2
    Ab ka karoon, kaa se kahoon e maaeri
    E A
    Duniya paraaee chhorh ke aajaa
    E A E
    Jhoothe saare naate torh ke aajaa
    E A E A
    Sau rab di tujhe ik baari aajaa
    G A E
    Ab ke milein to honge na judaa
    B A B A NC
    Na judaa… na judaa… ho…
    Hoonte to aaye, koi te le aaye
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri.
    Gallaan o kardi, maaeri ankhhaan nal larhdi
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri
    Pull gayee mera pyaar maae bas lage maheenein chaar
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri
    Yaad who aayee, maaeri yaad who aayee
    Maaeri yaad woh, yaad woh aaeri.
    Ab ka karoon, kaa se kahoon e maaeri
    Ab ka karoon, kaa se kahoon e maaeri.

    You can also Download it as a PDF file from Ephoria's site
  2. vikramk

    vikramk New Member

    Reply & Suggestions are always welcome

    I'm new in this type
    I'm also Learning acoustic Guitar.
    I'm sorry for there is any mistake
    Sugeestions & corrections are always welcomed
  3. death_calls

    death_calls New Member

    good job man ...:)..keep it up nice song to start with ..try to play some kk song as well in begning.ull catch them soon.......:)mean while all the best
  4. vikramk

    vikramk New Member

    Thanks Death calls!!!
    is there any mistake? why only one reply ?
    I want notations of "Aab na jaa" by Euphoria from their album Gully.
    PLZ post it
  5. Taifi

    Taifi New Member

    good job dude
  6. KannadaBoi

    KannadaBoi Kannadiga

    :rockon: the're perrrrrrrrfect
  7. vikramk

    vikramk New Member

    Thanks KannadaBoi & Taifi
    Plz anyone post the chords for aab na jaa
  8. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Good job vikramk, instead of requesting the chords here, why dont you create another thread for that purpose. It'll avoid confusion.
  9. arjunshah

    arjunshah New Member

    hey vikramk

    please i urgently need the full picking pattern etc for maaeri

    can ya pleez mail it ta me

    thnks a ton dude !!!

  10. six strings

    six strings New Member

    Maaeri by Euphoria

    HI ALL
    this is my attempt at the tell me how do u like it.cheers.


    Chords used

    Am - X02210
    C - 332010
    G - 320001
    F - 133211
    D - XX0232

    Bindiya lagati to
    D Am F
    kaanpti thi palken maaeri
    chunniyan saja kar woh
    D Am F
    deti waade kal ke maaeri

    D Am
    Mere haathon mein
    C G
    tha uska haath
    D Am
    thi chashni si
    F G
    har uski baat

    G D G
    maaeri aap hi hasdi
    G D G G
    maaeri aap hi rondi...maaeri
    Am C ..G
    yaad wo yaad wo aayeri
    D G
    gallan o kardi
    G D G
    maaeri ankhan naal lad di
    G Am C G
    maaeri yaad wo yaad wo aaeri

    baarishon me lipatke maa
    D Am F
    aati thi woh chal ke maaeri
    deriyan ho jayen to
    D Am F
    roti halke halke maaeri

    D Am
    fir se main roun
    C G
    for wo gaaye
    D Am
    thandi hawaein
    F G
    ban ke chhaye

    G D G
    maaeri hirayan gaundi
    G D G
    maaeri giddeyan paundi
    G Am C G
    maaeri yaad wo yaad wo aaeri
    D G
    jannatan langdi
    G D G
    maaeri mannatan mangdi
    G Am C G
    maaeri yaad wo yaad wo aaeri

    ab kya karoon
    ka se kahun
    ae maaeri

    kiss ur guitar goodnite :nw:
  11. vikramk

    vikramk New Member

    Thanks for your suggestion man. i'll try it when i come back to my home & will definitely tell you the result.

  12. acebuddy129

    acebuddy129 S¡nE® Sá¡nT

    DAmn cut copy posters

    Vikram u r a very Bad boy for taking credit for this tabs....U directly copy pasted some1 else's tabs..If u want to copy paste and look all cool then atleast do it correctly.U didnt even change the heading of the orginal tabs,every thing in ur tabs is xactly same as the original file. Lol this is sad.

    Yule find it here.
  13. ats

    ats Oldie

    in fact both the tabs are copy pasted from the (official) band site ... but atleast vikram mentioned the source of the tabs .... wasn't done by the other person in the previous post. Anyway .. nice job every one ..... have any one of you heard of the song pyaar hi tha from the same album .... awesome song .. would really like it if someone could post the chords/tabs of the same ... i had requested earlier but got no response

    Rock on


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