ma(tare zameen par)

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  1. shariq

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    this song goes like this:-
    (C)yoon toh me(F)in bat(C)lata nahi ,

    (C)par andhe(F)re se dar(G)ta hoon main(C) ma,

    (C)yoon toh me(F)in dik(C)lata nahi ,

    (C)par teri par(F)vaha kar(G)ta hoon mein (C)ma.

    (C)chood na it(F)ni bheed me(C) ,

    ki wa(G)pas bhi mein aa sa(C)ko mein na,

    (C)behjana it(F)ni door muj(C)he,

    ki ya(G)ad bhi (F)mein aa sako me(C)in na,

    (E-OPEN)jabhi kabhi (Am)papa mujhe (Cm)jo zor se jhula (Fm)jhulaten hain,

    (E-OPEN)meri nazar (Am)doondhe tujhe (Cm)sooche yahi tu(Fm) aake thameingi haath,...(PAUSE..)
    meri (C)ma.

    E-OPEN IS 020200,Am-533555,Cm-3355143,C-030210,F-133211,Fm-133111,

  2. manoj2103

    manoj2103 New Member


    nice work dude
    bt i guess d song is in rpgo.,.,,so can n e 1 post d rpgo pattern?
    sry bt m nt much used to rpgo.,.,.i may b wrong
  3. ozone

    ozone New Member

    the chords i feel are wrong dude.... the 2 parts of the songs are totally different in scale and one cannot sing using these chords the latter part that is...

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