M back ..

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  1. godblessme

    godblessme New Member

    hey guys...

    hope u remember me..
    after a long gap..m back on IGT..
    its nice to see all new guys coming n posting.. :rock:
    thanks saurabh,chimu..for keeping this forum alive..also @Lodhra..good to see u that u r still here..

    keep on requesting.. :band:


    my prev work..



  2. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome back GodBlesme. I hope, this time around we'll see you more active here and for a long time :)
  3. saurabhguitar

    saurabhguitar New Member

    thanks godblessme for showing such gratitude towards us....we all r rockers of marathi forum,man......So keep rocking....
  4. gk123

    gk123 Member

    Re: Hi

    Hi Dude!!!

    Well come back!! we need you. You Chimu Sourabh are like oxigen to this IGT.

    God Bless you!!!
  5. godblessme

    godblessme New Member

    @gtk123.. some credit goes to u too for making such nice requests.. thanks.

    @Saurabh..yeah.. keep rocking buddy :rock:
  6. godblessme

    godblessme New Member

    New Guitar..

    Hey Guys, I just bought Epiphone LesPaul Special II Electric Guitar.... :rock:

    Its really awesome..nice fretboard, smooth action. simply loving it...

    by the way..what gear you all use?
  7. - Pravin -

    - Pravin - New Member

    Welcome godblessme..... Hope to have more posts in Marathi Forum as well. Ajay & Atul are giving the best music in marathi music industry but we are not getting that many posts at IGT here. With you back hope to fill that gap...... Let's rock man...

    Jai Maharashtra....

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