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  1. vstanv

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    Hi friends,

    How do I develop my lyrics writing skills...? I've been playing some tunes
    and I know what its about and what mood it is in... like for example one of the tunes is about "time, and how its changes in a refreshing way...." (mood is "refreshing") But how do I write the lyrics for it...

    Should the lyrics be spontaneous...? If it was spontaneous, wouldn't the choice of words be ordinary...?

    If lyrics writing was not a spontaneous thing, wouldn't it be a "sit and do thing..." Is it acceptable?

    And when you write lyrics, do you actually write a poem...? Sometimes I think there are very good words in poem, but they hardly suit for a song... your thoughts on that...?

    poem vs lyrics..?
  2. fairandlovely

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    The choice of words for most songs is usually ordinary and that can add to it. Make a spontaneous first draft and then modify and decorate it as and when you want.

    You usually know what it is when your writing it. hard to explain.

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