Lydian Sus 4 Tuning: DADG#AD & Other Tried & True DADGAD Derivatives/Altered Tunings.

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    DADG#AD & Beyond...

    This is a great template for fingerstyle and slide. I have my Taylor set up in C for lowstrung so the configuration would be: CGCF#GC. Both tunings reflect the the formula: 151#451. The key center is the 5. In the case of DADG#AD it's A Major, and G Major for the transpostion to C.

    This is also user friendly for the modes contained in each. In the case of DADG#AD:

    B Dorian
    D Lydian
    E Mixolydian

    & respectively for the transposition to CGCFGC:

    A Dorian
    C Lydian
    D Mixolydian

    Also in the case of the Mixolydian mode, try raising the 6th string one whole step further to create a pedal tone for the modal rotation. So for E mixolydian try: EADG#AD thus creating an E7/11 tuning.

    Some cool Dadgad/alternative altered derivatives. Bracketed entries reflect harmonic identity with the 5th string as the tonal center: All tunings for the most part are dropped or slack so as not to stress out the neck...

    DADGAD: 151451 Dsus4

    DADEAD: 151251 Dsus2
    DADFAD: 151b351 Dminor
    CADGAD: 162562 or [b314b714] C 2/6 [Amin7sus4]
    CADEAD: 162362 or [b714514] C2/6 [Aminsus4]
    BADG#AD: 214714 Amaj9/11 w/B pedal tone
    DGDGAD: 515125 G2
    DGDGBbD: 5151b35 Gmin
    DGDGAbD: 5151b25 Gsus b2
    CGCGBbC: 1515b71 G5/7
    CGCGCF: 151514 Csus4

    Note: The low strung set up on the Taylor 414 KCE [posted in the Taylor Forum] is being used for glass and ceramic slide, as well as a classically informed fingerstyle. More info and examples via the links below.


    My Websites:

    110 MB of free acoustic guitar downloads:`fingerstyle`slide`altered tunings.
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    thanks for all the great posts Richard. I will ask the mods to move this to the guitar tutorials forum, as it is more appropriate. You are a great addition to our IGT community. Welcome aboard!!!
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    My Pleasure...

    Tutorial: 300 Chords In Dadgad coming soon.


    My Websites:
    110 MB of free acoustic guitar downloads:`fingerstyle`slide`altered tunings.


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