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  1. knight_guitar

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    hey .. fellas enjoy this intro from the movie "kaante"

    The song is called "maut" and singer is lucky ali i hope u gonna like this. if someone can paste the lyrics i'll surely , give out the way i play this song.. with those intro's

    Song - Maut

    Tabbed by - Sharad kashya (knight_guitar)

    singer - lucky ali

    movie - kaante

    And yeah i'm not pasting and doing tabbing for rep, it's just u feel good when someone appreciate ur work

    INTRO: - Maut from the movie "kaante"
    Singer : - lucky ali


    We play this song a lot in our jam session i don't knwo the exact lyrics but i use .

    B5, D5 and so on in this song.. for later half if anyone can post me the lyrics i'll

    give my way of playing of this song..

    Enjoy the intro and keep rocking fellas.. :)..

    luv sharad kashyap

    Suggestion :- once ur done with the tabs above , try to play it little quicker u'll find out, a
    u can sing along the first verse with the intro given above..
  2. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    ^^good tabs!!!
  3. knight_guitar

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    Thanks.. ansh.. !! pass that beer dude.. !!
  4. ak&guitar

    ak&guitar THE INNER VOICE

    dil ki dhadkan hai ya
    boli yeh kuch aur hai
    faasle ho jange nazdeek
    aja milale dil jalale zindagi
    najane kab milegee yeh naseeb

    dil main toh chain nahi ,rain nahi , sehen nai,
    hai khayal jo khaye jaye
    jeena toh MAUT hai jane kab ayega
    kisse bulake yeh kisse le jayega

    jeene ke liye zaroori hai yeh
    kaise ban gayee majboori hai yeh
    dont remember
    SAnson ko bahon mein le ke jati.......

    plz post proper chords........this is half work.....
  5. knight_guitar

    knight_guitar Lead Guitarist

    sure buddy .. u'll get my work by tommorow :).. thanks for the lyrics ? kya yeh lyrics purre hai ?
  6. knights_diwani

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    Hey sharad i do bleiv u can play the best guitar ever!
    No points 4 guessing who i am!


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