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    Your love is like a castle of sand
    But still, your love is a hope in my barren land
    Your love is un-true and without any gains
    But still, your love has bounded me by chains

    Your love, one day will be a closed door
    But still, your love is something I lust for
    Your love is un-faithful and has no future
    But still I am carried towards you forever.

    Your smile, your tears, your touch, your passion,
    If only, it could be my own possession
    I know you do not have any love for me in your heart
    But yes, I love you a lot and this is a true fact

    Your presence makes me happy
    Your absence affects me
    I know I am wrong, but still I am drawn
    I fail to realize the reason for this,

    Why I pray for you in my every wish?
    I am unable to understand, my decision to hold your hand
    I cannot lie, I don't know why
    I have so much to say, but there is no way

    I have so much to express, but I cannot make you depress
    Tears try to yell, but fail to tell
    I am aware but I pretend to be unaware
    I refuse to accept, but find it hard it reject

    Words try to come out, but cannot be said
    But they will [may be] before I go dead
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    hey Abhi m wondering y no1 posted the reply such an awesome poem....I loved it...cos again...i can relate to it....
    Reps for u dude :beer:
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    nice one dude....good more!
  4. #iR@


    REALLY LIKED IT! very nicely ritten! rite on man! ;)
  5. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----&gt; Zhol-Man&lt;----

    thx all...........

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