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    I wil post my poems here. Plz do read them with your heart and not with brain. That's bcoz I always believe that love has nothing to do with's a matter which is dealt by heart only. You can give your views about my poems.

    Thanx a lot
    with love
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    Why Do I Still Love You?

    Why do I Still Love You?
    Why do I cry
    why do I hide
    why do I still care
    why do I pretend you are there

    why do I love you
    why do I think you love me too
    why do I feel pain
    why do I feel like I’m insane

    why do I want you so bad
    why do I get mad
    why do I miss you
    why do I need you

    I try to tell you how I feel
    but you don't care
    so I'm asking you these questions
    to see if you know I’m there!
    Coz I Still Love U.....
  3. tito419sep

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    Died For Love

    I sit in the park where I dwell
    For this girl I love so well
    She took my heart away from me
    Now She wants to set me free
    I see a Boy on her lap
    She says things to him She never said to me
    I ran home to cry on my bed
    Not a word to mother was said
    Father came home late that night
    He looked at me from left to right
    He saw me hanging from a rope
    He took his knife to cut me down
    And on my dress a note was found:
    Dig my grave Dig it deep
    Dig my grave From head to feet
    And on the top place a dove
    And remember this, I died for love
  4. tito419sep

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    Tum Nahin Door…

    Tum nahin door tak, phir bhi paas ho...
    Tum mere koi nahin, magar mere khaas ho...
    Milke bhi hum toh mil na sakey
    Dil ke armaan dil mein rahey
    Tumko pa na sakey, gam nahin
    Tumse paya hai jo, kam nahin
    Jo hua ek tarah se sahi hai
    Tumko khone ka darr toh nahin hai
    Faasle hain magar, faasla nahin hai
    Zindagi se hamein koi gila nahin hai

    Tum nahin door tak, phir bhi paas ho...
    Tum mere koi nahin, magar mere khaas ho...

    Tumko yaadon mein laate na hum
    Kya karein bhool paate na hum
    Waqt haalaat majbooriyan
    Jaise dil pe chale chhooriyan
    Dil dhadakta raha chal diye kadam
    Rukh badalta gaya, ruk sakey na hum
    Milke bhi hum toh mil na sakey
    Dil ke armaan dil mein rahey

    Tum nahin door tak, phir bhi paas ho...
    Tum mere koi nahin, magar mere khaas ho...
    Dil ke paas ho...
  5. tito419sep

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    Kyun Karoon….

    Ho kar Zameen Ki, Aasmaan Ki Chaah Kyun Karoon
    Main Tujh ko Paane Ki Tamanna Kyun Karoon

    Mujh ko Khabar Hai Judai Tarpayegi Tujhe Har Pal
    Is hi liye Bata de Main Tujh se Wafa Kyun Karoon

    Mann Ko Mere Chot Lage gi Agar Tu Na Mili Mujhe
    Tujhe Apna Bana ne Ki Phir Dua Kyun Karoon

    Teri Masoomiyat Ko Rab Ne Banaaya Hai Mohabbat Ke liye
    Tujhe Na Chahne Ki Phir Main Khata Kyun Karoon

    Farishtay Bhi Tadap Jate Hain Jab Teri Aankh Se Ashk Chalaktey Hain
    Yeh Dard Tujhe De kar Main Koi Gunah Kyun Karoon

    Teri Meri kismat Ki Raahein Hain Judaa Judaa
    Main Phir Tera Ban jane Ki Aarzoo Kyun Karoon

    Mere Haathon Ki Lakiron Mein Nahi Hai Naam Tera
    Main Tera Naam Apne Naam Se Milanay Ki Justajoo Kyun Karoon

    Meri Baatein Tere Dil Mein Hamesha Bass Jati Hain
    Is Baat Ki Khabar Rakh Kar Main Koi Guftagoo Kyun Karoon

    Baaton Baaton Main Benaam Fasaney Ban jaate Hain
    Aur Aisi Adhuri Kahani Ko Main Shuru Kyun Karoon

    Jo Bhi Jazbaat Hai Dil Mein Dil Tak Mehfooz Hain Yeh Batao Ke Main Unka Zikar Dobara Kyun Karoon

    Mana Ke Mohabbat-Bhari Nazar Dil Par Gehra Asar Karti Hai
    Usey Pyar Se Dekh Kar Us Par Koi Jaadu Kyun Karoon

    Mere Liye Yeh Mumkin Nahi Ke Main Tera Ban jaoon Kabhi
    Lekin Main Tujhse Mohabbat Ka Izhaar Kyun Karoon
    Itna Dukhaya Dil Ko Tunay Mere, Itna Rulaya Hai Mujhe
    Sub Kuch Sahoon Phir Bhi Tujhse BeyInteha Pyar Kyun Karoon.
  6. tito419sep

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    Me..........Just Alone

    Darkness is with night
    the moon with the moon light
    the roses with a thorn
    the sunlight with the dawn
    clouds with the rain
    a heart always with pain
    the leaves with tree
    the shore is with sea
    a boat with a stream
    and a sleep with a dream
    heat with summer
    a rainbow with the colour
    tears with eyes
    stars with the sky
    fragrance with the air
    love with care
    poetry with rhyme
    tide with time
    even a dog with the bone
    and me.........just alone
  7. tito419sep

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    Love Really Hurts…

    I can't get out of bed today or get you off my mind
    I just can't seem to find a way to leave the love behind

    I ain't trippin', I'm just missin' you
    You know what I'm sayin', you know what I mean

    You kept me hanging on a string, why you make me cry?
    I tried to give you everything, but you just gave me lies.

    Every now and then when I'm all alone
    I’ll be wishin' you would call me on the phone
    Say you want me back, but you never do
    I feel like such a fool, there's nothing I can do
    I'm such a fool for you

    And I can't take it what am I waiting for?
    My heart's still breaking, I miss you even more
    And I can't fake it the way I could before,
    I hate you, but I love you, I can't stop thinking of you
    It's true I'm stuck on you.

    Now love's a broken record that's been skippin' in my head
    I keep singing Yesterday why we got to play these games we play???

    Every now and then when I'm all alone
    I be wishin' you would call me on the phone
    Say you want me back, but you never do
    I feel like such a fool!!!!

    YA love..realy hurt
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    some are nice... mind if i try to give tunes to some of them?
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    *closes thread*
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    I'd say the second post is bad enough to be original.
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    I just read it... that part about father looking left to right. Hilarious.

    He/she's hanging from a rope and you have to look left and right. Dumbass.

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