Love Me

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  1. shashankgothic

    shashankgothic New Member

    Love me,
    my razor blade.

    Peel my skin,
    make me scream.

    Sink so deep,
    make me weep.

    Cut my flesh,
    make me bleed.

    Take my life,
    set me free.
  2. shashankgothic

    shashankgothic New Member

  3. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    now waht do u expect here ?
  4. iluvmuzik

    iluvmuzik New Member

    whoa r u a cutter?
  5. shashankgothic

    shashankgothic New Member

    no lol....
  6. iluvmuzik

    iluvmuzik New Member

    oh ok but its nice..i used to be a cutter so i can kinda relate...
  7. belive u wanted to portray the edegy feeling some people give wehn in a relationship

    or just as u said this ws a acute portrait of a extream submisson for physical intimacy

    any wsy its many ways its a "it"
  8. avinash.khatua

    avinash.khatua New Member

    shashank needs a spank here...lolz

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