love anthem str guitar chords

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    I gave it a try.. here it is

    dashuri dashuri-f7
    salang salang-c major
    leifde leifde-f-7
    las'ka las'ka-c major
    armastus armastus-g major
    rakkaus rakkaus-f major
    ag'api ag'api-g major
    lyubov lyubov-c major

    all we need is-a minor
    love..aai..c major amour..amour-g major
    all we need is-a minor
    love..aai.. c major amour..amour gmajor

    all we need is

    all we need is

    love is full of energy-g major
    love is positivity-d major
    we don't need negativity-c 7(c major with no index finger)
    love to feel humanity(f major)
    lets not cry-f7 and lets not try-c major
    hating,hurting and killing each other-g major
    we wont get another-a minor,eminor
    life together-f major
    oh my brother-g major

    all we need is a minor
    pyaar..c major prema..kaadhal g major and it continues
    all we need is

    heres the video

    Love Anthem Str Guitar Cover - YouTube

    Cheers :)
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    Dude learn to sing the song properly first.

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