Love and the Thunder

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  1. horsesmouth

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    They've flashes of pride and anger,
    but filled with brightness within.
    With sparks and light, but never together,
    they're love and the lightning.

    Made of meagre elements,
    with strengths abound, my friend;
    A clash can tear the world apart,
    never to contend till the end.

    And the branches of lightning,
    can cut the branches of love.
    But end its own path, my friend;
    and end for what it strove.

    What with for aiming daggerheads,
    the thunder tears the sky.
    And then it rains aplenty, my friend;
    and the lands bloom fertile.
    With the love in their roots,
    it embraces the earth in warmth.
    And spread the trees their shadowy wings,
    to welcome with their open arms.

    They live for one, and fear or joy,
    the bounds with which they hold.
    And still they're never together,
    their paths etched so long ago.
    You pull with a fiery rage,
    But not to you, I'm very near.
    The other side is where I'd be, my friend,
    'cause love wants for love, and you want for fear.
  2. suprita

    suprita New Member

    wow... u ppl r write...dis place was kinda dead... i mean 5 succesive poems n no comments... must hav been disappointing 4 u, huh???
    i dnt think i understand dis poem... mind xplaining ur idea a bit???
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    hmmm...ryt.. actully i ws on ship tht tym, wrote around ten poems bt got no internet to post them,, so put 'em up all @ once.
    Pretty disappointed I was, tht no1 recieved a reply..

    okay, this one, quite private, I'll try to share as less as possible:

    Branches of lightning is a literal transformation of my ex-gf's name... and
    Branches of love (lol) is again a literal Xformation of my mother's name...
    Just like the name, both are the opposites in nature, and could'nt quite get on well with each other. I must mention, though, that both have been the sweetest people I've been with. So I had to end the road there, leading to me breaking a heart.
    Its and ode to the end. Sad.

    I knew no1 wud understand this, and I din't wanna xplain too, so I din't mind no1 commentiing on this one ;)
    Damn, I must be stupid enough to share something like this on the interweb.
  4. suprita

    suprita New Member

    Woopsie... Looks lyk i picked out a pretty diff one for u to xplain... but thanx 4 ur xplanation nyway...

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