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    Greetings. I am an Anglo-Saxon. My name is Robby and I love to play the electric guitar, preferably my electric guitar. After 20 years of playing I have settled down to analogue distortion, flanger, delay and clean, all of course saturated with the mechanical reverb of my Fender 90 Combo or EAX/VST computer reverb environment.

    My interests in Indian scales and modes is purely for composition as I am not overly familiar with Indian Classical music. My favourite musician is Frank Zappa. I am not directly influenced by him stylistically, only philisophically. I prefer a shifting tonal centre and unusual cadences. I prefer the emotional motif to be constantly squeezed, stretched and reformed from a tumbling swell, devoid of the listeners expectation, then to be played out like a wave finally crashing on the sea shore. I like the enigmatic feel to Indian scales and modes, you feel you are part of the music as you let the tonal centre wander in your mind, the unaccustomed mind tries to resolve minor major but modulation is washed out by these exotic scales and with it predictable emotional attachments evoked by so many Western composers.

    I could bore everyone with my personal interpretation of sound, music and rhythm as many musicians are 'play by numbers' people, and rarely commit to describing how they feel when then hear a piece of music.

    I would be interested to hear from any musos out there that would like to collaborate on a track or two, midi files/multitrack, loss-less wave if poss via a broadband messenger service. Plug me in man and let's jam.

    BTW I predicted anew music genres 5 years before they had names, Ragga, Grungian and Eurasion Tabla and Bass. hehehe

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