LOVE AAJ KAL-tabs available-all songs of the film...

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do u want the tabs of any song of love aaj kal or kaminey??

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  1. hey i am lookin forward to it....

  2. yes dude...somethin better than nothin....

  3. no dude,thanks...i got better things to do....

  4. dude u suck...!!!

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  1. ejazzz0801

    ejazzz0801 New Member

    hiya guitar lovers...
    i have the tabs of all the songs of love aaj kal n kaminey too...
    so if anyone needs them just lemme know...
    i m not posting them right now coz frankly speaking it takes me only two mins to tab a song but an hour to post it...if no one needs it then my effort goes lemme know...happy to help...!!
  2. ejazzz0801

    ejazzz0801 New Member

    also lemme know which song u specifically want....
  3. skill

    skill New Member

    ye doriyaan from love aaj kal.
    & kamiineyyyyyyyyyy fro kamineyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  4. swarnabh202

    swarnabh202 New Member

    Ok i have searching for the tabs and chords of yeh dooriyan.It would be a pleasure if you post the tabs and chords of this song.
  5. tika0614

    tika0614 New Member

    aahun aahun, twist, chor bazar [? not right spelling, i know...] from love aaj kal
    dhan te nan, pehli bar mohabbat, raat ke dhai baje from kaminey, thank you!
  6. Panchu007

    Panchu007 New Member

    give it all out man!!!
  7. Vikram2020

    Vikram2020 New Member

    DO give em all... taking or leavin is their problem right ?? :)
  8. ejazzz0801

    ejazzz0801 New Member

    true....but it takes hell lotta time to post i post only that which is the most in demand...i have posted YEH DOORIYAN already...
  9. luv kuikel

    luv kuikel New Member

    hey dude u r a ******rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........................................
  10. vipin_sakharkar

    vipin_sakharkar New Member

    hurry up dude.....
  11. ani2bad

    ani2bad New Member

    i neeed those tabs really necessary i really need them its urgent
  12. ejazzz0801

    ejazzz0801 New Member

    what the f##k do u mean d##khead..
    show some respect
  13. stormtheemperor

    stormtheemperor New Member

    ok............can i have chor bazaari please? i want the chords only
  14. umi_rulez

    umi_rulez New Member

    Yar I need Tabs for Chor BAzari........
    I just love its Intro........
  15. antarasb

    antarasb New Member

    plz could u send me the kaminey n love aaj kal tabs...
  16. vikash86

    vikash86 New Member

    Aahun aahun

    Please provide me chords and tabs of aahun aanhun song of love aajkal
  17. nav_agr

    nav_agr New Member

    Pl send me the tabs for songs aahun aahun, twist, chor bazar from Luv Aaj kal..Thanks in advance..
  18. prath_pn

    prath_pn New Member

    need of chords n tabs for ahun ahun
    n (title) dhan te nan
  19. richard24simon

    richard24simon New Member

    aahun aahun, twist, dhan te nan,
  20. vbaby

    vbaby New Member

    Hey pls post the chords n tabs!

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