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    *Sigh* Long time.....

    anyways....some of you must have read it already....you know where....just thought of posting it here too....hope you enjoi reading...Cheers :beer:


    I thought I found myself when I found you
    Just to reach to a point where I Lost myself again

    All these days I have been dreaming
    Hoping for all those dreams to come true
    Just to sit down one day to cry
    As I Lost the hope and the dreams again

    Those moments of uncommunicated smiles
    And tears of happiness have gone
    I thought of capturing them in my heart forever
    But they are all Lost in this wind of time

    That was a careless touch...
    ...Which made me shiver once
    That was a warm hug...
    ...Which made me feel secure once
    It was that closeness...
    ...Which made me smile once
    It was that distance between us...
    ...Which made me cry once

    And now when I sit down to think what I have gained in life
    It seems that I have Lost all that I gained in just few moments of my life

    Yes...I am Lost
    Lost in your thoughts

    And there is no one
    To catch up with me now
    As the world is moving so fast...
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    awesome ... i love it !!!
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    lines which speak more than words.. luved it.
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    lo phir le gayi mujhse reps:p:

    Nice one garry...
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    Good one garima !!!!!!!!!!!
    keep posting more !!
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    @paranoid13rohan ...Thanks
    @Vishwa...Welcome bk :)
    @Born2tab...abhi bohot reps hain whch u promised bt forgt :p:

    Thanks fr all the reps guys....:grin:
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    ...atta gal..will give u asap.

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