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Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by shanksadams, Oct 3, 2010.

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    I am a rhythm guitarist and can do a fair amount of vocals; I am looking to form a band with rock/metal/grunge/ punk influences…I do love metal and all its subgenres but I am not what you would call a religious metal head as a lot of other genres/non-metal bands appeal to me as well…

    I have been playing for quite some time now but I am no pro…feeling like getting a little serious with my music again not in a professional sense, play a few gigs/colg fests and lets see...

    So if you are a drummer /guitarist/bassist in Indirapuram(ghaziabad) and surrounding areas feels free to give me a buzz on 9015329208

    for music veterans/”guitar gods” and those of you who consider it beneath them to play with a fresh band or amateurs or people not exactly on the same skill/creative level as you please don’t bother, I am looking forward to making some music and learn in the process so no offence but if you cant help me with that you got to get got! (Cheesy eh...)

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