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Discussion in 'Find a Guitar Teacher or Classes' started by loom91, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. loom91

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    I want to learn the guitar. I live near Chandni Chowk in Kolkata. My interests are rock and Hindusthani classical. I know the absolute basics, but not much beyond that. Please suggest me a good teacher who will be able to give me a good grasp of the theory and technique. Thanks for your help.

  2. loom91

    loom91 New Member

    Please help me out guys.
  3. loom91

    loom91 New Member

    No help? Very disappointing.
  4. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Mr. Amyt Dutta

    If you're looking at hindustani classical, your best bet would be Mr. Debashish Bhattacharya who is considered to be one of the better slide guitarists in the world today.
  5. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

  6. loom91

    loom91 New Member

    Thanks bjr, but does Amyt Dutta teach beginners?
  7. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    If you know your major, minor and dom 7th chords and the major and minor scales, you should be okay going to his classes. If not, work on this for about six months. Also see if you can get hold of the blues scale and practice and then go to him.
  8. loom91

    loom91 New Member

    Could you give me the contact number of Amyt Dutta, bjr? Thanks.
  9. loom91

    loom91 New Member

    Also, what about Samir Khasnobish? He seems a reputed teacher. Does he teach beginners? I used to learn the keyboard from his brother.
  10. rock_and_roll

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  11. bubai_music

    bubai_music New Member

    If u r a new guitarist!I would suggest u to learn from a basic teacher and then go to Mr. Amyt Dutt!
    I personally teach guitar in south kol!Dhakuria!If u r interested u can come along!
    Happy strumming!!:p:
  12. arnab.sen

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    Can you give me your contact number ? I m interested in learning.I knew a few chords,but I need to practice and learn more.Would you help?
  13. Zoso

    Zoso New Member

    teacher for guitar beginners

    any guitar beginners need a teacher?
    if so, i could help you start off.
    i stay in jodhpur park.
    please contact me if you're interested.
    ph - 9836229228
  14. banerjee

    banerjee New Member

    I am a guitarist staying in kolkata.Allmost 20yrs I am playing as a studio musician. If u want I can help u no prob. This is a very interesting instrument totally depends upon technique.

  15. Jk Raj

    Jk Raj New Member

    Want a Guitar Teacher for all kind of Acoustic & Electric ( Lead + Bass ) near Jadavpur Santoshpur.

    I am a vocalist & I can play with all major & minors, but dont know 7th or others ....

    so anybody --- if do you have news then pls send me details at --- jkraj01@gmail.com
  16. funguy1

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    Dear Partha,

    I am looking for a teacher for guitar lessons. I do not have any previous training on guitar. If you can help me please reply at nib786@gmail.com

  17. Maddi

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    Guitar classes for beginners


    I stay in Hazra and can help out with guitar classes for beginners. The classes will be fun and unconventional with more emphasis on philosophies in music. Styles covered will be classic rock, metal and blues. Interested folks can get in touch by dropping a message.

  18. saikat72

    saikat72 New Member

    You can try Mr. Rathin Pathak at Girish Park. Contact me @ lovegambler2@yahoo.co.in
  19. sbkoolpapai

    sbkoolpapai New Member

    Amit Choudhury in girish park..............
    He is a well reputed teacher indeed teaching western rock blues jazz....
  20. deep001

    deep001 New Member

    hey i want to learn chords plz tell me a good teacher specially chords..plz

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