looking for band members in bangalore!

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  1. jigi

    jigi New Member

    im starting a band in bangalore.i have managed to get a rythm guitarist, a lead guitarist(myself) and a female voclist.if any of u are interrested in trying for a drummer,male vocalist or a keyboardist.pls mail me at jigi@dbzmail.com along with ur contact number.
    see you then
    ps:preferably someone of the age 16 or 17
  2. artmyxolydian

    artmyxolydian New Member


    I am 18, just out of school, very bored and likely to be jobless and even more bored for the next two months till my college opens. I play lead guitar exclusively, have been playing the guitar seriously for 2 years now.

    Now I know that you already being a lead guitarist arent looking for one, but me thinks its a good idea to try new things with 3 guitarists, especially after all those wierd sounds and ideas I get in my mind from time to time. Please note, try me for 2 months, NO COMMITMENT, we'll see those things later.

    You can check out my music at http://pavankk.dmusic.com

    Tell me more about your band and tastes/influences and which direction you would like to go in.

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